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German ISH exhibition reveals the whole world to precede the building reachs a t
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As the world top exhibition organizes business, frankfurt exhibits a company to organize about 120 exhibitions every year, among them many 60 are held outside German condition, achieve close 20% what hold gross earnings. Allude the core exhibition of this company, “ building and technical exhibition ” are indispensable, automation of equipment of exhibit include lighting, electric equipment, building, fire prevention and safe technology, collect hot, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilated, sanitation establishment, installation and for can the technology is waited a moment. Of course, taste place of kind of Yuan Chao above to narrate showpiece, building and technical exhibition ” return the “ that holds in different area to recommend key of basis district characteristic partial product and technique.

The “ construction that holds in German mainland, technology and design exhibition ” also rank front row in international exhibition. In addition, frankfurt exhibited company overseas to organize series exhibition successfully. Frankfurt ISH (international sanitation clean provides reach warm an exhibition of heat addition equipment) global series exhibition included the following 4 big activities:

Equipment of famous “ Wei Yu, construction, for can, air conditioning technology and but ” of exhibition of second birth the sources of energy is lain between year can go up in Light Building brand appear. In March 2007, 2392 ginseng exhibit what just make an appointment with 25000 square metre in gross area to exhibit an area inside, exhibited equipment of Wei Yu, construction, for can technology, and indoor and the air conditioning inside the independent Aircontec that exhibit an area, refrigeration, ventilated technology. In the meantime, indoor refrigeration technology is exhibited also be initiated as what IKK built equipment forum 2007 and gradually flourishing rise. 2007, equipment of “ Wei Yu, construction, for can, air conditioning technology and but ” of exhibition of second birth the sources of energy received many 215000 abroad the person that look around, than increased 2005 12% , achieve the history new tall. An ISH exhibition will be held at will coming 14 days on March 10, 2009.

” exhibits the “ISH China that established 1996 to be a tenet in order to develop the person that trade circle looks around all the time, rapid expansion its consequence and dimensions. The “ISH China ” 2006 is exhibited is one of exhibition with the most successful whole world, attracted 300 to exhibit unit, exhibit an area to make an appointment with 17000 square metre. “ISH China ” exhibits biennially to be held. 2006, the person that come from 49 countries to make an appointment with 15000 trade circle to look around came round to attend this grand meeting. ” exhibits the “ISH China that holds at coming 22 days on Feburary 19, 2008 to transfer Shanghai from Beijing, so that be the enterprise of Chinese south,offer more business chance. The exhibition content of “ISH China 2008” will include to build establishment to be versed in technology of Cheng, energy is mixed but second birth the sources of energy.
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