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Processing technique of food of 2008 international soja and equipment exhibit 5
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The vane ——2008 China of bean products industry (Shanghai) processing technique of international soja food and equipment exhibition are about to kick off.

By major of countrywide bean products committee and committee of development of Sino-Japanese and current estate are sponsorred jointly, limited company of products of Hangzhou Hua Yuandou, Shanghai always the “2008 China that limited company of machinery of the standing grain in city of state of limited company of heart food machinery, stage sponsors (Shanghai) processing technique of international soja food and equipment exhibition ” (below, will in April 2008 17-19 day is in Shanghai to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously greatly solely.

Exhibition arrives from the plan of early days and preparation at present, progress is very great, although leave act to still have the time of a many month, but case signing up is unheard-of eagerly, exhibit a sale to end basically already; The constituent job of professional audience also is in of in an orderly way in undertaking, association of a few places and government had prepared about the branch constituent major sees a group, seek applicable technology and facility to exhibition, have professional communication activity. Each media included relevant media of Japan to also make report and introduction to exhibition, exhibition already made the major activity that at present public figure of domestic and international industry pays close attention to and expects.

This second exhibition exhibits area ratio is exhibited first times can increase greatly, take up Shanghai light exhibits a center greatly east house, the area is close 5000 square metre. At present mutual ginseng postpones a business 89, among them, machinery of bean products treatment and relevant equipment create a company 65, occupy 71% ; Former complementary makings runs a company 8, occupy 9% ; Soja food treatment and technical company 12, occupy 14% ; Relevant media 6, occupy 6% . What deserve attention particularly is, japanese company is right this second exhibit meeting expression quite active, share 13 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, occupy 15% .

Exhibition is right China and meaning of development of industry of Asian bean products are far-reaching. It is to pass exhibition to be able to make the brand consciousness of most enterprise increases further, widen the road of the Chinese famous brand of our country bean products. 2 it is communication of stimulative trade news, special build domestic and international information to communicate platform through compose, transmit bean curd culture of China, be popularized all over the world and develop bean curd processing technique; Build for the enterprise produce, for, the platform of sold sale channel and technical communication. 3 it is engineering technology of industry of bean products of stimulative our country and equipment mechanization level rise ceaselessly; 4 it is to raise consciousness of safety of provision of bean products company, accelerate the standardization production of the enterprise further; 5 it is the development that can promote upriver industry catenary and the income that increase a farmer, of the development that drives downstream industry catenary to consume the market and equipment of relevant form a complete set and technology rise, drive our country soja to machine the healthy progress of industrial catenary thereby.
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