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The Geneva international car 2008 is exhibited will on March 6 ~16 day is held, this the car is exhibited still give priority to a problem with environmental protection, focus the central issue of attention on the application of natural gas the sources of energy. Last year, the car that uses natural gas fuel in Switzerland rises from 2500 about 5800, because this is current,Geneva car exhibits the application that will still be popularized energetically and publicizes natural gas fuel. Nevertheless, we still can be in current exhibit a few products that are forerunner concept with function or vogue see on the meeting. Edition of sail of BMW M3 open is very strong very fashionable

The vehicle of international of the 78th Geneva that shortly will hold is exhibited on, BMW group releases the whole world the new BMW M3 of new car —— that comes from BMW M Inc. first racing bike of open sail litter.

3 departments car is considered as BMW banner to fall to be provided most all along representative, hold the classical making that accuses to be united in wedlock with real gone beauty, m3 is version of its function aggrandizement. Regard BMW M3 as the 3rd familial member, this high-powered racing bike mixes the extraordinary power performance of model of BMW M series the open sail of satisfied vogue drives enjoy without seam coupling to be together.

The main innovation of edition of sail of new M3 open depended on providing the transmission case of new-style dual clutch that uses Drivelogic technology, this is global head money 7 fast dual clutch gear-box, it will regard litter of racing bike of litter of BMWM3 open sail, double door as racing bike and car choose furnish to have. The one big advantage of technology of this kind of new-style drive is arrange extremely when shift gears slippery, traction does not have any interrupting. The person that drive can leave an alternative in type of hand movable mould at least 6 kinds, automatic mode issues at least 5 kinds to drive program, of sufficient contented anybody drive desire and preference. Case inferior be about to borrow SOUL concept car to reveal new wind

Since Korea inferior plan in current Geneva the car is exhibited on open 3 brand-new the veil of car of SOUL series concept. It is reported, these 3 are shown in the round case inferior the car is very brand-new “Fun” style, adjacent the quantity produces the model, idea that classifies unlike the tradition car general and case inferior connection of a kind of affective is established between the user.

The design concept of SOUL series model alluded good development prospect and potential value, the customer that likes to reveal personality can enjoy “ car individuation according to his requirement the new car section of custom-built ” . The automobile body of car of exhibiting concept of 3 SOUL series the car lacquer like spray black silk, trace dragon form pattern, explained the figure of ” of bad boy of “ of its individual character in the round.
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