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Australian building and project machine were exhibited 2008
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The “2008 that held in Sydney exhibition center to 09 days on August 7, 2008 year Australian building and project machine exhibit (National Construction Exhibition 2008) ” will concern matters concerned case to accuse as follows now:

Postpone meeting introduction: This exhibition is Australia is exclusive and professional build an industry to exhibit internationally meeting, enter this market to show new product for the enterprise, established company image to provide optimal stage, previous term or session is exhibited meeting enterprise of each big international building, building materials, all of tycoon of project machinery industry attends a meeting. Should exhibit the support that can be shovelled earth to carry association, New Zealand to build association of exploitation of contractor bureau, Australia, CMEIG, CCF by place, it is the large and professional exhibition with indispensable industry of this area construction machinery. Exhibit can begin from 8 years will exhibit with lorry and business affairs car (NTCVE) undertake at the same time, should exhibit 2 years, the interactive effect between two exhibitions is sure the international that huge drives this exhibition is famous spend and industry force.

Limits of item on display: Excavating machinery: Grab of tadpole  ? digs machinery of authentic of cliff of; of fork-lift truck ditcher and mining equipment: Vase project of; of compressor of? charge crusher drills machinery and driving machine:  covers Hao? Qian Kongzuan machine to be not excavate to direct borer pounds earth-moving machinery of type borer; : Reinforcing steel bar of; of land leveler of scraper of bulldozer of alarm Su? and prestressing force are mechanical: Steel wearing canal moves hydraulic press of machine of rehabilitate of machine of cold rolling of compose Qi? tool of pneumatic of straight machine; : Pneumatic of? of Wu of   ripples cuts machinery of concrete of; of line oiler of high pressure of tool pneumatic motor: Building of agitate of concrete of mixer of concrete of? of a surname Tuo (station) finishing machinery of; of lever of cloth of concrete of concrete agitate carriage car: Why does pump of slop of? of  pray  wipe target pump of spray of equal opportunity coating is electric labour of tool; picket is mechanical: Hydraulic pressure of pile hammer of  ? derv cuts machinery of road surface of; of picket machine drill: Fall machine of shop of Tao? booth sweeps road car to underline machinery of car; squeezing ramming: Compacter of Gu lane? shakes tamper to grind tool of press; construction crane: Municipal project of; of platform of work of headroom of gantry crane of windlass dragon of? of Tao of  lamp sandpiper and environmental sanitation are mechanical: Cleaning machine of tank car of Huan mill? sprays traffic of industry of motor-driven of; of car fire engine: The building uses a car with car, mine balance type forklift lights inside trailer 3 reach fittings to plant of power of stow forklift; : Engine of compressor of air of? of  of black of Ti head ⒌ and its component braking system sealed fittings of fittings of all sorts of fittings electric equipment and its assembly hydraulic pressure reachs; of drive axle of system of all transmission suspension its assembly detects maintenance equipment and its fittings car advance with fittings a heavy mail;
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