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2008 Russia international packs industrial exhibition
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Extend meeting time: On June 23, 2008- 27 daysExhibit meeting site: Muscovite Crocus exhibits a centerSponsor cycle: Annual

Ginseng extend range:

1, package machine and fittings: Food package machine, vacuum-packed machine, paper box machine, make bag of machine, outfit of fill, fill, heal, seal the box, machinery that stick label, strapping machine, packer, twine equipment, gush code machine, make a machine, cup, box, bag, bucket, canister, bottle, lid, production machinery, , day turns things package machine, equipment of plastic flexible package, package machine of medicines and chemical reagents, plastic and mechanical, all sorts of model cutting tool provide fittings to wait;

2, equipment of chipboard of beehive of rows of tiles on a roof, paper box is mechanical, carton, punched tape, pulp;

3, the material that pack: Squeeze compound, drawing to blow aluminium of tube of paper of film, epispastic sheet, chipboard, aluminum foil in all treatment of glue of material, gooey belt, hot frit is mechanical, the plastic material that pack, the metal assembles data, food packages data, medicines and chemical reagents packages data, green environmental protection packs material to wait;

4, container: Plastic container, metal packaging container, vitreous container, the technology of green environmental protection that pack, pack the science and technology that prevent bogus, design that pack, craft that pack, bag to put on edition media to wait

Exhibit can answer attend to relevant data:

Exhibition of the Muscovite international industry that pack is held 1996, annual, it is one of packing exhibition with famous whole world, also be Russia, the packing exhibition with CIS area and the biggest Eastern European country. The contribution that develops to Russia economy and foreign trade because of its, should exhibit can be known as CIS and Baltic UEF (international exhibits association) delegate. 2007, of ROSUPAK piece exhibit an area to achieve40000 square metre. 800 firms that come from 20 countries joined this to exhibit, the professional audience that comes round to look around achieved 45203 person-time. My department organized 25 companies the conglomerate team of 50 people played here to exhibit meeting, the enterprise of 85 % booked those who fall one year to exhibit meeting, to Russia and hamster market more increased a few minutes of confidence. It is the personage inside course of study of a whole world not only exhibit out the grand meeting of personal product, and the figure that is the industry that pack is revealed. No matter you are aimed at market industry is beverage, food, or medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic, rarefied industry product and other industry, you can discover this is must attend every year exhibit meeting.
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