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The international austral at present of polish 2008 wave packs industry to exhib
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Show time: In September 2008 15-18 day Exhibit meeting site: The international austral wave at present reads extensively center

Sponsor an unit: The international austral wave at present reads extensively central limited companyExhibit meeting frequency: Biennially

Content of item on display:

1, treatment is mechanical

Medicinal powder makings processing equipment, mixer, batch mixer, shape equipment, dryer, crowded an equipment, filter the equipment of equipment, separate facility, abrade mixture equipment, coating equipment, sheeting equipment, steam that boil, baking facility, say heavy equipment, antiseptic equipment, quality controls equipment to wait

2, package machine

Make bag of machine, fill up reach sealing machine, shape fill up reach machine of sealing machine, cartoning machine, case, wrapping machine, code discharge battlements and consolidate machine, carry content of equipment, storage to shed system, automation to control device, detect equipment, transmission, pack auxiliary / package machine of special device, other and fittings

3, the material that pack, container and complementary

Base of paper, plastic, glass, metal, aggregate material, composite material, bottle, other data; Bottle, canister, bucket, cup, bag, box, box, other container; Lid, heal, label, gaskets, other complementary

Exhibition brief introduction:

The international austral at present of polish 2006 wave is packed exhibit during holding, 767 companies that come from 30 countries showed its product. As as one used to do, postpone business polishly or hold the largest share, share 496 to exhibit business to attend. Next, exhibit business to come from Germany and Italy for the most part, respectively the home and 65 72 ginseng are exhibited. Other exhibit business to come from respectively at Austria, white Russia, belgian, china, keluodeya, czech republic, denmark, france, england, hungarian, india, israel, italy, lithuania, maerduowa, holand, portuguese, russia, slovak, slovenian, korea, spain, sweden, taiwan, turkey, wu Kelan, a couplet chief of a tribe and United States. Exhibition area exceeds
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