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Xiamen stone material exhibits 8 years to blossom the whole world the 3rd
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Exhibit meeting calling card

  Through 8 years breed meticulously, material of stone of Chinese Xiamen international is exhibited, had developed nowadays become an Asia material of the first stone is exhibited greatly, xiamen mainland is the biggest exhibit meeting.

   Material of stone of the 8th Xiamen is exhibited, by China commerce of city of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of 5 mine chemical industry, Xiamen develops commerce of bureau, China International to promote committee Xiamen branch to be sponsorred jointly, association of trade of ambry of city of chamber of commerce of material of Xiamen a unit of dry measure for grain, Xiamen assist do, xiamen can exhibit Jin Hong to believe exhibition limited company to undertake, holding in Xiamen international exhibition center at coming 9 days on March 6, 2008.

   Come 8 years, xiamen stone material is exhibited hold to “ exit to direct, union of imports and exports, domestic and international market develops simultaneously of ” do extend guiding principle, outstanding internationalization, specialization, commercialized characteristic, industry of the lumber that it is stone is built reveal, the communication, good platform that purchase, work up makes connection material of domestic and international stone is relevant the bridge ligament of the enterprise, the health that promoted industry of worldwide stone lumber develops in order.

Chi Rijiang Shan Li, spring breeze flowers and plants is sweet. This annual moment, the people of world each district comes Xiamen, watch a wonderful “ stone to write down material of stone of international of ”—— China Xiamen to exhibit, already successive “ performs ” 8 carry.

The stone that says “ is elegant can sing ” , now, the stone that comes from 30 many nations of world and area gathers together to hold “ cantata ” in Xiamen international exhibition center. Professional audience perhaps says to buy the home, come from reach 100 many countries and area. So, this has been one praises the ” of “ international cantata of stone.

8 years ago, only 125 are exhibited one stone material is exhibited appear in Xiamen, the people with colourful Jing is not much. But, the people of know the business disentombed however its latent capacity. After 8 years, xiamen stone material exhibits a head to wear “ international ” two words, —— of the calm in heart of it may be said is next to material of stone of international of accept of Italian dimension collect to exhibit, stone material exhibits German Nuremberg, it is material of the first stone exhibits the Asia not only, and had ascended before body whole world 3.

Come 8 years, stone material exhibits Xiamen international to develop posture strong with its, gained the attention of industry of world stone lumber, also drove the development of Xiamen and even industry of countrywide stone lumber, letting ” of “ touch a stone and turn it into gold is a dream no longer.
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