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8 years candy bender Chengdu waves sweet place utilization rate this second high
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Yesterday, wine of Chinese sugar industry kind group company and government of the Chengdu City held “2008 year press conference of ” of trade fair of spirits of sugar of spring whole nation, candy bender preview meets alive Ji Chengxin now exhibit a center to hold, candy bender will be begun formally at 21 days. This candy bender has ginseng of many 3000 enterprise to exhibit, predict professional audience and travelling merchant exceed 100 thousand person at the appointed time. Extend field area break record of bender of all previous candy.

This second candy bender is the whole nation the 78th, the bender of the 19th candy that the Chengdu City undertakes. Up to cloth is exhibited yesterday end, enable in all can exhibit a center all 9 place and 8 join house, indoor exhibition area amounts to 110 thousand square metre, area of the square outdoor amounts to 5000 much square metre, dimensions refresh the historical record of gross area of countrywide candy bender. The 10 thousand square metre that hold candy cocktail party compared with first time of the Chengdu 21 years ago exhibit a house much decuple, at the same time this second candy bender also is place utilization rate is top since century city can exhibit central building newly. Will be in to 20 days now morning century city charming child international conference center is held Chinese candy food and drink tasted industry year peak to meet 2008, course of study of moral of food and drink of candy of meeting general proposal is signed jointly " safety of food of Chinese sugar spirits is enunciative " .

Stipulated outdoors advertising releases area and a section of a highway to be “ this year 4.4 line ” . “ at 4 o'clock ” namely new international exhibition center of city of square of square of train north station, weather government office, panda square, century; 4 lines of “ ” namely Sichuan highway (Jin He road- - road of total government office) , the road austral suitable city market, people reachs 4 paragraphs one paragraph, highway of weather government office and airport road) .