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Light industrial and professional exhibit lead course of study of our country ex
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Sponsor the dominant action that major postpones to study national guild, department of market of federation of Chinese light industry last year from which in 88 exhibitions that light couplet and directly under unit hold, take out 15 10 thousand smooth rice above exhibit can undertake investigating, the result makes clear, light industrial and professional exhibit to commercialize direction to develop quickly, specialization the level promotes quickly, internationalization level rises significantly, dimensions changes a level to continue to expand. Develop through a few years, light industrial and professional exhibit in countrywide of all kinds major in exhibiting, show itself, reflected adequately light industrial each guiding that professional association meets to exhibiting and constituent level, a batch of exhibitions become the person above average in domestic congener exhibition, the height that causes international to show a company takes seriously.

From international the exhibition develops a trend to look, major of of all kinds industry is exhibited still is exhibition main body. Our country of all kinds major is exhibited 80% what hold all exhibition about, a batch of major that sponsor by national professional association are exhibited grow faster. At present more influential major is exhibited in, light industrial kind major exhibits place to hold proportion the biggest. According to preliminary estimation, in existing churchyard exhibition, with light industrial concerned exhibition is occupied about 65% ; Form a delegation outside the condition in joining the company that exhibit, having 65% is light industrial enterprise.

Commercialize run a mechanism to strengthen 15 in sampling investigation to exhibit ceaselessly in the meeting, have the partner of flutter of a responsible abroad mostly, part and the international such as fort of fishing line of division grand of Germany, Frankfurt, beautiful sand, tie is company of top class exhibition and article of Hong Kong rich, elegant type, Oriental the cooperation of large exhibition company such as international does exhibit. Below cooperative mechanism, form an advantage complementary, accelerate those who show a level to rise, make China exhibits an organization to just learn what exhibit to a lot of international to run a mechanism at the same time.

To introduce market mechanism, 2003, in municipal government of federation of Chinese light industry, Guangzhou drive actively below, abundant of beautiful jade of Italian LINEAPEL LE(beautiful) " transplanting " is held to Guangdong. Run through two years, achieve basically expect the result. Beautiful Asia leather exhibits abundant of LINEAPELLEASIA(beautiful jade) exhibit international major transplanting of ground of former juice raw ingredient to go to China greatly first, foreign ginseng exhibits business area to be occupied about 85% , become at present churchyard international exhibits the major with internationalization top level, exhibiting bound echo very big. Because be,just undertake by Italy, should extend the new concept in also exhibiting a bound to bring an exhibition to run for China.
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