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Fosan can exhibit course of study to will strengthen a service to drive hotel de
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Report from our correspondent is in a new year, fosan can exhibit course of study to will strengthen a service, drive the development of manufacturing industry of travel hotel, equipment.
2007, fosan altogether held those who have certain dimensions to exhibit meet more than 20, had persistent growth than in former years, the influence also expands ceaselessly.
As we have learned, compare other city to be able to postpone the development of course of study, fosan can exhibit property professional quite strong, for instance exposition of exposition of pottery and porcelain, home appliance, furniture. Additional, district sex is stronger, contain colour of area, town. Fosan city can exhibit Zheng Shaoming of association deputy secretary-general to say, because such, caused repeat do exhibit, can exhibit course of study to lack an unified program, also created malign competition.
Can exhibiting property is one of tertiary industy that key of Fosan municipal government develops. The meeting henceforth exhibits course of study to want to have unified program, should do major model, of internationalization exhibit meeting, form favorable development situation. Special should with Guangzhou integrated model exhibit meeting amlposition complementary development, the key relies on the equipment manufacturing industry with solid Fosan to do exhibit meeting, through postponing the development that can be promoted and drives equipment manufacturing industry and relevant industry.