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Conduct propaganda extends a plan
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We make preparations with what abound for years the thorough understanding that extends the experience of the meeting and professional to domestic consumable market, the database that using the domestic and international major with company giant interior to see business and trade partner invite major to see business besides, and designedly publicizes promotion through media current exhibit meeting, rise hard exhibit the meeting is be expert at inside course of study famous spend and consequence, attract actively develop domestic and internationally those who reach rising market buy the home to show up look around, ensure join the ginseng that postpones business to exhibit the effect, the plan is as follows:

① is in many globaller the journal of website of the professional trade magazine of influential force, newspaper, outdoors advertisement, trade and industry chamber of commerce publishs advertisement to reach release exhibition news.

② mails directly invitation letter grants abroad the major that reachs home purchases business, include importer, cent to sell business, general merchandise and chain inn, shopkeeper, wholesale reach agent, mail-order and net to go up shopping company, hotel purchases ministry and stylist to wait.

③ reachs home in international recommend directly in congener and large exhibition current exhibit meeting.

④ fixed fax and electric mail are newest exhibit meeting message to inform professional audience.

⑤ passes industry chamber of commerce, halt China department of diplomatic mission trade, conduct propaganda of wide hair invitation letter is current exhibit meeting.

Department of ⑥ market promotion goes to countrywide professional terminal market to distribute visiting certificate freely to reach the newest promotion that exhibit dispatch regularly current exhibit meeting.

The activity such as brand sales promotion is conducted during ⑦ exhibition, promote the communication that buys the personage inside the home and course of study.