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Exhibition of articles for use of automobile of the 8th China International, won
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Exhibition of articles for use of automobile of the 8th China International, wonderful clue is shown first! Extend meeting time: 20-23 day will exhibit meeting site in Feburary 2009: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation is annual China is the most large-scale the exhibition of articles for use of China International automobile that has an effect most will be in 20-23 day will pull open heavy curtain at exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation again in Feburary 2009. Exhibit meeting course 5 years to had developed 7 to grow, things card is revealed and the ginseng with each honest respect such as product commerce exhibited the effect to get an industry inside be approbated adequately and trust, without doubt the year grand meeting that makes trade of automobile articles for use. Transmit latest news from the organizing committee at present, a lot of well-known companies had been exhibited surely in succession, plan to will exhibit meeting site to show a newest product and skill in Feburary in next year, the wonderful content of distinguished gathering of industry of articles for use of an automobile after 9 years the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day passes preliminary show clue. And booking exhibit the room that the enterprise finds to the position chooses apparently is less and less, predict in December the middle ten days of a month is exhibited 9 years of the meeting newest showpiece the battle array will decide basically, at the appointed time, the organizing committee exhibits main to grandfather cloth ginseng the company appears on the market with 9 years the newest tendercy of the product. Well-known company: In advance works two months to be exhibited to join Because exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit the effect to 8 years,a lot of enterprises are in special satisfaction the spot booked 9 years of spring to exhibit of the meeting exhibit, this year exhibit in September the base has appeared “ is critical the circumstance of ” , a lot of enterprises feel the position chooses leeway apparently smaller and smaller, had decided the company response that postpone according to the part, shifted to an earlier date than in former years this year 2 months begin to make ginseng postpone a plan, choice item on display, affirmatory exhibit activity of spot of an adornment plan, plan to wait for propagandist personnel to had been been ginseng exhibit work. This reacts the ginseng that gives company of automobile articles for use exhibits consciousness to rising ceaselessly really. Meeting site was exhibited 2008 we see, a lot of brand enterprises are in exhibit meeting site to use exhibit an adornment, gout activity, interactive demonstrate to wait for all sorts of means to exhibit the individual character of its brand and characteristic, the United States exhibits a “ of the horse that use bold solely to try knife ” , american expert personally go into battle is a car to advocate peace the means method that agency demonstrated self-help conserve; Shanghai power solid is used as always black and white and dichromatic adornment is exhibited, protruding shows the staid image of international brand and high-end character; Chelonian card is to use the activity of shoot a basket that has interest simply, attracted numerous audience to be exhibited in its stop, held “ to wax ” match lets an audience experience its product personally at the same time; Business of Bei Zhuxiang perfume is setting with blue and flower branches and tendrils exhibit a made flower sweet 4 excessive; And CDL is give priority to a problem to show set with ” of “ Mi Ji sweet act the role of a product. 9 years the enterprise is in exhibit meeting site to will exhibit with what kind of means the brand is rolled out taste newly be worth to expect.
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