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Fair of food of 2008 China International is ablaze today wintry Beijing
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The meeting that feed rich builds food industry business to develop platform with all one's strength

In recent years, development of Chinese food industry is rapid, food industry moves in order, consumption upgrades, policy is driven, the standard rebuilds and foreign capital is swarmed into, inside endowment amalgamative the low concentration that the influence that waits for a lot of element makes Chinese food industry traditional spends the current situation to accelerate a change, feed moral cause edition piece quickens conformity, raise industry technology standard and brand consciousness through be being passed ceaselessly, food industry appears benign development impetus, below such big environment, hold fair of food of 2008 China International to will thrust moves food company health to develop.

Hold one of principal ports of fair of food of 2008 China International, since facing reforming and opening namely, food company obtains significant progress, but the current situation that also faces many difficulty and problem. Below the setting that accelerates in economic globalization process, fair of China International food uses oneself dominant position, build those who show new concept of new product, new technology, communication, stimulative commerce and cooperation for the enterprise in all benefit win-win platform.

5, 4, reflect of 3 brand-new mode feeds rich to meet20000 square metreExhibit an area

Fair of food of 2008 China International is by major the group is engineered, the high-end exposition that does by the professional group luck that having those who abound to hold international to be able to exhibit experience. The area that exhibit an area is 20000 square metre, installed 5 exhibit an area greatly, set 4 big characteristic to exhibit an area among them; Activity of 3 big themes is conducted during the meeting that feed rich. Exhibit an enterprise to provide excellent service to join from many levels. The mobile content that requests professional group plan by organizing committee force is rich, professional strong, the form is novel, can satisfy an enterprise to show the demand of the product particularly. Be like beautiful wine appreciate and comment on, it is current exposition is wine designedly kind the enterprise offers show arena, aim to attract wine kind professional audience, concentration target, negotiate business chance. The activity undertakes in, will invite division of the name that taste wine to undertake beautiful wine is commented on, of the collision in crystal cup and expert in explaining, cheer to build cooperation! The brigade of green health, at the appointed time will expert spot holds healthy knowledge chair, carry the detailed explanation that forms to nutrition, cooperate different green of organic product reveal, deepen the audience understanding to health and the attention to the product, nice interactive link lets everybody teach Yu Lezhong to establish right healthy idea in contain. Food of characteristic of an ancient name for China is exhibited perform an activity, characteristic space makes visual taste sumptuous dinner, companion is discrepant performance of region amorous feelings exhibits an enterprise to earn sufficient person energy of life to join, in the environment of delicate cate, festively singing and dancing, cate lingering fragrance is recalled in making let an audience be enjoyed in seeing and hearing, build each other to connect bridge for food company and potential market.
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