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AMTEX2009 the 6th India (Bombay) mould of international machine tool is exhibite
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AMTEX2009 the 6th India (Bombay) mould of international machine tool is exhibited

2009.4.24-27 (4Day)     Bombay exhibits a center

The 2nd big machine tool exhibits India

Dimensions of 〇 previous term or session: 1000 standards are exhibited / 31000 audiences / come from 14 countries

〇 sole agent: 100 favour of Bayern Messe Guangzhou show limited company

[market background]

Below the setting that ebbs greatly in Euramerican economy, chinese enterprise develops rising market India, seek new point of growth, appear extremely rich strategic eye. Develop system of the fastest two old economy as the whole world, the trade dealings between China and India warms up ceaselessly. 2006, china already became India the 2nd large trade is companionate. 2007, imprint in two countries trading business volume amounts to 38.7 billion dollar, bilateral trade amplitude exceeds two countries 56% ; Predict bilateral 2010 trading business volume amounts to 60 billion dollar.

The expert predicts Indian car sale will grow 4 2016 times, reach 145 billion dollar, make global car the 7th big market. Forecast according to association of Indian automobile manufacturing industry, before 2015 grow 3 million every year. The Indian manufacturing industry that heads with car line of business is developing flourishingly, industry of durable consumer goods, electron and wiring, national defence, spaceflight, railroad generated huge demand to mould of various machine tool. Statistical data shows, since 2004, 60% what Indian home produces a machine tool to be able to satisfy its requirement only oneself, the others all relies on an entrance. Accordingly, to enterprise of our country machine tool character, indian market contain is worn huge buys latent capacity.

[postpone meeting brief introduction]

Indian machine tool is exhibited meeting, also mix China is similar, the good and bad are intermingled; Amtex is bred through 8 years, show itself, grow for India the 2nd big machine tool is exhibited, hold every year grandly regularly first half of the year. Previous term or session is exhibited can hold in Yu Xinde, gather numerous international tycoon, be like American Ha Si; German KNUTH group, Xi Menzi, Yigesi, Alpha; Italian horse Persia, Feidiya; Swiss made of baked clay Er is special; Swedish sea overcomes Si Kang; Aida of Japanese meeting cropland, 3 abundant; Abundant of Chinese Taiwan gold, assist easy, on silver-colored; with group of Dalian machine tool (nearly 200 square metre exhibit area) the China that head is made, caused wide attention, all obtained the results that expect is less than. Below successful last year organization, my department continues 9 years to form a delegation solely ginseng exhibit. Accord with the enterprise of standard of medium and small businesses, I manage assistance international market of application “ medium and small businesses develops capital allowance ” .
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