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The 5th Lan Xiya hemp orders goods can begin shortly, wonderful look ahead of sc
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On October 26, 2008 —28 day the 5th Lan Xiya hemp orders goods meeting be about to pull open heavy curtain, the congenital condition such as the environment that depends on oneself as the Lanxi of source source and Amphitryon, climate makes the development of flax industry is famous in great reputation in China and even world. Government of Lan Xi county expands flax business of place energetically, allocate each resource to do his utmost to make new Lan Xiya hemp orders goods meeting, regard the year of industry of the market after automobile articles for use as grand meeting, this media uncovers secret hereon ahead of schedule second exhibit the more and wonderful content of the meeting.

1, Place changes greatly appearance, develop internationalization new standard

The 5th Lan Xiya hemp orders goods meeting from go up at all solved toward exhibit the meeting because the problem with not quite perfect condition of place inconvenience benefit, establishment, sponsor government of county of square Lan Xi and major to do exhibit a company elegant dark international hand in hand, exhibited Lan Xi the place problem of the meeting to realize one pace style to span---Standard of 15000 ㎡ internationalization exhibits a house to install 800 standards to postpone an installation of standard of international of total number form a complete set. New place was solved thoroughly not only exhibit meeting dimensions to get bounds problem, change be apt to order goods the commerce environment of the meeting, let you be in of internationalization standard exhibit a house inside the much whole side, stereoer newest product that shows you.

2, the service upgrades in the round the astral class that lets enter guests feel at home of the experience that postpone business serves

Exhibit meeting whole journey to serve heart to heart: 24—28 day will exhibit meeting site to Lan Xi from the airport of Harbin, railway station in October free regular bus is roundtrip receive send, have more recommend hotel entrance to take regular bus freely to arrive directly from the organizing committee exhibit meeting site, scroll sends car time, exhibit during the meeting more enlightened phone of 24 hours of services that receive a station, can inquire your time that take a car at any time, make you OK arrange the route freely. About the detailed information of traffic respect, the organizing committee gave clear official notice, let join exhibit business and professional audience to be able to finish annual smoothly to purchase a plan.
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