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Hand in high can exhibit the robot can sweep the floor drama of scene of pour te
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Order dishes robot


Greet guest robot Anne


The person that look around is in with match of robot of ” of “ hand wrestling

” of “ the people's livelihood is this year make the largest window of the meeting high, the robot that sets this only exhibits a house is to become place “ person to enrage king ” more, various and civil robot appears in succession here.

On the academician forum that gives priority to a problem with “ intelligence and robot ” in what hold yesterday afternoon, when Xu Yang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering gives birth to a professor to accept special report of our newspaper reporter, point out: A foot of the mankind had stepped the entrance door of robot times, the robot inside 10 years will blend in China the citizen lives daily, the robot will make the living with the car indispensible appliance.

The robot devotes oneself to to improve a citizen to live

Walk into hand in the robot of the meeting high this year to exhibit a house, the reporter saw sundry family expenses robot in the spot, exhibiting robot sort is various, but play card of ” of “ the people's livelihood mostly, devote oneself to to improve a citizen to live, increase life interest.

These robots look from utility, useful at education kind robot, be like meeting “ hand wrestling child the robot of ” , robot that can paint a picture, how the robot that protect clean, family expenses still prevents a robot to wait; Look from build, what have fist volume simply only dance robot, also have the “ ashman ” that resembles size of a dish, also have the robot welcoming guest of as big as true person small as good as; Look from the function, simple repetition sweeps the floor, pour tea gives water, complex can play football, the ” of “ mankind expression that can perform the ” of “ kongfu panda of scene drama to have feeling even.

The price goes to hundred thousands of yuan from 2000 yuan

According to spot understanding, one the cheapest is production of Shenzhen dragon hillock sweeps the floor robot, what this kind of robot can finish room of less than of 90 square metre is automatic sweep, can identify rubbish, bypass the obstacle is finished sweep automatically, house-owner need not be paid attention to, price of this kind of robot needs 2000 yuan only, sell ammunition of ten share out bonus in Japan at present.
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