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Food of 2009 Iran international is exhibited
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Extend meeting time:

In May 2009 24~27 day

Postpone meeting introduction:

Iran Food And Hospitality is initiated 1992, organizing committee Fairtrade Messe Und Ausstellungs GmbH&Co.KG. It is the suite with very famous Germany exhibits a company, this attend to exhibit toward Iran before every year Germany and Europe exhibit a group meeting. This exhibits meeting internationalization degree quite tall. Already became the food major with Iranian the mainest area to exhibit, because should postpone meeting put forth effort at food industry product reveal, attracted numerous come from abroad ginseng to exhibit business and the person that look around. Attracted the whole world 2008 23 countries 460 enterprises, before Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy organized the government technically to show a group, be joined among them exhibit. Exhibit can exhibit an area to also increase to the 22000 square metre 2005 by the 16000 square metre 2004. Exhibit 5 are opened to exhibit a house in all during the meeting. In addition, professional audience amount reached 39775 people, its China border purchased business to achieve 10130 person-time, turned over one times than 4 years, and the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited, was full of a hope to should extending the tomorrow of the meeting.

Market background:

Iran is located in Asian southwest ministry, area kilometer of 1.645 million square. Iran is the same as He Afu of Turkmen Si Tan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan sweat photograph adjacent, north is lain between Caspian with Russia, Kazakstan Si Tan looks, na Bin Persian Gulf and Oman bay, element has the weighing of ” of square air corridor of ” of “ Ou Yaliu bridge and “ thing, strategic position is very significant. Reserve of oil natural gas is substantial at the same time, it is Oupake (OPEC) the 2nd old oil exports a nation. And the palm is accusing petrolic of 10% whole worlds reserve. As price of oil, natural gas rise ceaselessly, drove economic spending of Iran. In last few years Iranian GDP is rising ceaselessly with the probability of 7% . According to newest statistic, local mouth already exceeded 70 million now, had been the market of food consumption terminal with middle east the biggest area.

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