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Shandong candy cocktail party is strong wait for hair
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Businessman favour gets together force digs gold

Shandong candy cocktail party is strong wait for hair

As we have learned, early days of current candy bender prepares the job to go well, candy bender still will establish famous brand to reveal water of area, wine to reveal area, drink to reveal area and Taiwan characteristic food to reveal zone of machinery of zone of area, dressing, food to wait, the grand occasion that confluence of brand of industry of sugar spirits non-staple food develops will be shown in the round when interpose.

Industrial forerunner all shows business chance infinite

Current candy bender forms those who drive catenary of industry of industry of sugar spirits non-staple food and outspread, industry of industry of non-staple food of the wine that it is candy upgrades offer new thinking. On current candy bender, shandong saves chamber of commerce to waited to prepare meticulously to serve economics of culture author, Beijing University by China for each big market supermarket, terminal market, brand shop the “ of give a lecture of courtyard Professor Chen Bufeng serves —— of future of culture decide the issue of the battle to lead a service to upgrade with culture, make healthy harmony, during the lecture will be met at exhibiting, the international in Jinan international exhibition center reports hall is held.

A few days ago, the reporter learns from the organizing committee, now already supermarket of more than 100 bazaar, 500 more than person signs up attend, will be in exhibit meeting site to cast give large quantities of purchasing detailed list. Additional, exhibit the organizing committee exhibits a group in the light of different ginseng during the meeting elaborate scheme conducts activity of forum of trade of of all kinds and large classics, already included “ Shandong to save ” of brand of water of wine of the 2nd renown actor to choose an activity certainly at present; “Already of travel of non-staple food of spirits of 2008 China sugar sells ” of business height forum; “A list of names posted up of general comment of line of business of 2008 Shandong wine uncovers ” of celebration of a list of names posted up; ” of news briefing of “ company new product, new technology the activity of form a complete set that waits inside, this businessman that develops northward market to want undoubtedly offerred superexcellent propagandist opportunity.
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