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American dress is exhibited / the United States dress exhibits Las Vegas
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Brief introduction: Dress of 2009 United States is exhibited is the United States' biggest dress is exhibited 2009, he involves 3 big dress to exhibit meeting, american dress is exhibited 2009, american fabrics exhibition, , complementary makings extends American range, the United States is pulled this dress is exhibited (the United States dress exhibits Las Vegas, american Maic dress is exhibited) , the welcome dials American dress to exhibit an organizing committee to appoint Chinese representative---021-/63121634
Dress of 2009 United States is exhibited, american dress exhibits dress to postpone the first selection that exports American market, american dress is exhibited is complete beauty's greatest dress is exhibited, attend the first selection that dress postpones, my company is in charge of American dress postponing stall sale, american dress exhibits scheduling- - American dress was exhibited 2009, dress of American United States exhibits dress to exhibit the incoming telegram that welcomes you.

American dress exhibits dress of & United States to exhibit dress---Export American dress first selection
Dress of ——— United States exhibits SHOW
One exhibition general situation
First time: 1933
Time: On Feburary 11, 2009 - 14 days
Show a location: The United States pulls Siweijiasi to exhibit a center
Show an area: 200, 000 square metre
View exhibit personnel: Open to professional audience only
Limits of item on display: Dress of dress of all sorts of female outfit, men's clothing, suit, jacket, knitting, fur dress, late outfit, marriage outfit, youth,
] outfit of bull-puncher dress, dress, bath, underwear, dress act the role ofing is tasted (cravat, scarf, breastpin) , all sorts of shoe caps reach all sorts of complementary makings, fabrics,
All sorts of leather goods, clothing accessories (slide fastener, button, lining cloth) wait.
2 exhibition brief introduction
Dress of American United States exhibits exposition of international dress dress (American dress is exhibited) found 1933, through 70 old development, had developed now become the United States and even whole world to have representative major most
Dress is exhibited meeting. American dress exhibits the professional clothing that has made the biggest integrated men's clothing on the world, female outfit, childen's garments and halfback fashionable dress be an organic whole, it is the costume market information with important North America is released reach order
Center. Should exhibit always can exhibit an area to exceed 200, 000 square metre, main component exhibits an area greatly: American dress is exhibited - dress of United States of men's clothing, WWD is exhibited - dress of female outfit, United States exhibits vogue of avant-courier of KIDS- childen's garments, THE EDGE- outfit and
Act the role of article, motion of fabrics of treatment of SOURCING ZONE- international, FABRIC- , ACTIVE LIFESTYLE- is recreational outfit.
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