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2009 sand are special exposition of equipment of international food, food, hotel
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Extend meeting date: In November 2009

Exhibit meeting site: Benefit is so elegant that benefit international exhibits a center

Postpone meeting introduction:

Annual food of sand spy international exhibits the provision with the biggest Saudi Arabia, should exhibit can obtain UFI attestation. The number that joins food of sand spy international, meal and its equipment every year to exhibit the growth of twice, food of the 14th sand spy was exhibited 2007 in Liyade exhibition center is held successfully, come from on the world the ginseng of many 400 enterprise of 30 many countries is exhibited, exhibit an area to be15000 square metre, clinch a deal the forehead is close 150 million dollar, this second exhibiting ginseng of the China on the meeting to postpone a business is 10 come, carry investigation, the client is right this second exhibit the effect of the meeting to express satisfaction the average per capita of 60% above expresses to be able to attend of 08 exhibit meeting, the client of 75% receives the order of intent.

In exhibit what you will see the Saudi Arabia is middle east to have actual strength most on the meeting to buy the home. Regard middle east as the biggest terminal market, this second exhibit the international businessman that can numerous supplier, sand spy and middle east purchase business to get together the cloud to will give intended development middle east professional work hereat to offer to trade goodly reach the platform that seeks an agent, can enlarge existing export business to perhaps build new business window, increase the market that is in this area quickly.

2008 food and beverage show sand spy provision, the industry of native land each domain with international exhibits business to all can attend.

Sand spy food the 2008 products that will reveal oneself to exhibit business to provide a perfect platform, equipment and technology, contact the best food on the world and beverage agency at any time at the same time, produce business and agent. No matter you are to want to lead new trade, establish new commerce connection, still seek new partner, sand spy food 2008 it is you not allow to miss exhibit meeting. Neither one place is sandedder than be in special this long the food that taxes great reputation is exhibited on, the food that in this area commodity and beverage market development the fastest center reveals you and beverage product and service are more appropriate. 8 years sand spy food exhibits those who expect you to participate in.
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