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Muscovite international food exhibits a success to roll out child exhibit
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By the another grand meeting that British ITE company holds in Russia- - food of international of Russia of the 17th “ exhibits ” , atOn September 26, 2008Conclude satisfactorily in Moscow.

Shared more than 1300 companies to attend Muscovite food to exhibit this year, exhibit an area to exceed60 thousand square metre, the manufacturer that comes from 61 countries and supplier are in by a definite date 4 days exhibit the product that they showed on the meeting, besides Russia homeland famous brand enterprise gathers exhibit meet and exhibit besides newest product, the international big company that a lot of ginseng exhibit represented the national level of this country, the means ginseng that forms a delegation with the country is exhibited. Share 57 international this to form a delegation the unit comes from respectively: The United States, England, Canada, Belgian, Germany, China, France, Italy, among them Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of Romania, China, Mexico is to form a delegation first ginseng exhibit.

The exhibition covered each fields of food industry, exhibit a product to have the flesh kind, ham, birds kind, equipment of industry of food of vegetables of fish, seafood, refrigerant food, semi-manufactured goods, potted food, beverage, groceries, tea, fruit, baby, communal food, and answer contemporary food. Among them special monarch gives a house “ innovation reveals area ” , use an audience to provide the newest gain that realizes manufacturer of domestic and international food.
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