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The 9th sand is special (international) lighting equipment exposition
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The 9th sand is special (international) lighting equipment exposition
Exhibit meeting site:  of mildew of Nuo of Cheng Ji  accepts appraise happy travel
Time: 2009-5-3~2009-5-6
Sand spy illume

Company: Shrimp  of Xing Xun of Ti of  of dog of Ji of 8 insane ┗
Phone: 021-61173582
Contact: は Ren
Mail: SErvice@globalexh.com
Network address: HTtp://www.globalexh.com

Limits of item on display
Lighting source and lamp act the role of lamps and lanterns lamp of gas discharge of fittings of lamp of energy-saving lamp, tungsten of incandescent lamp, bittern, neon lamp, laser, infrared ray lamp, ultraviolet ray lamp, fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high strenth

, high frequency without extremely dock of the lamp, signal lamp, glow, diode, indoor illume, illume outdoor, stadium house illume, film, TV, lighting, square, airport, haven

Illume; Spare parts and product of electrician of special material illume (switch, electrical outlet) , accessory of lighting electric equipment, form a complete set (component of cable, electron) , spare parts, attune accuses smooth parts of an apparatus to reach solely

Special material; Gaffer Cheng and technology, illume detects reach manufacturing facilities, instrument; Lever of lamp of equipment of form a complete set and installation safeguard equipment, car, urban illume monitoring runs a system; Road,

The illume establishment such as square, lawn, building, landscape decorates lamps and lanterns; Technology of project of illume of gaffer Cheng design, green is revealed reach enterprise product certification, professional magazine, media to wait; Energy-saving

Cheng of light chemical industry of technology, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, other uses lamps and lanterns and a replacement.