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2009 exposition of resource of Asia-Pacific of German division grand
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2009 exposition of resource of Asia-Pacific of German division grand
One, show time: Will come on March 1, 2009 on March 3
2, show a location: Division grand international reads extensively center
3, exhibit frequency second: Two years
4, content of item on display:
Products of of all kinds hardware: Equipment of material of hardware tool, DIY, safe device, security personnel, call the police goods of system, lock, Tie Yi, webby
The equipment of goods and fastener, lighting, interior decoration, housing materials, product that defend bath
Gardens reachs recreational product: Appliance of garden furniture, horticultural tool, barbecue, camp equipment of equipment, fitness, motion is recreational the product
Live in consumable: Kitchen utensils and appliances, tableware, glasswork, ceramic, mensal adornment, stationery, gift and consumable
5, sign up end: Stall is finite, till newspaper 満
6, exhibition brief introduction:
Since 2004, the cycle of ” of exposition of heaven and earth of application of “ of German division grand turns into two years, but go up in this foundation, one aims to create new annulus Pacific Area and Europe, North America between the platform of foreign trade -- exposition of hardware of international of “ division grand exposition of / Asia-Pacific resource -- exhibition of household of the first Asia-Pacific already was in Germany 2005 division grand international reads extensively the center is held, should exhibit meeting general to continue to be held in German division grand 2009.
This extends the series of 3 big exhibit that can cover ” of original exposition of “ application heaven and earth not only - tool heaven and earth, safe system and lock heaven and earth and household are improved reach DIY scope of operation, still included at the same time gardens, horticultural reach recreational articles for use, and household consumable. At the appointed time, will the numerous production business that comes from country of annulus Pacific Ocean and area and cent sell business to exhibit here newest product and innovation technology. The exhibition is opened to commerce audience only, the organizer is used " exposition of applied heaven and earth " reach division grand international to exhibit limited company past years to be in Europe the professional audience database with 30 many countries and North America wide area will organize and invite the person that look around, make this is exhibited can become the B2B commerce platform that provides specific aim more. My company is exhibited as division grand hardware in home the biggest form a delegation unit, will be wholeheartedly broad exhibit business to offer high grade professional conference to extend a service