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Fair of food of 2008 China International -- the grand ceremony of global food gr
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Year old during premier of last years of a dynasty or reign is held, of international food industry gluttonous regale will be about to be in Beijing on December 23 at 8 years exhibition of agriculture of · whole nation begins ceremoniously. This is one complies with global economy progress, executive brand strategy, industry of food of stimulative whole world is faster, better, more healthy the grand ceremony of the international food industry of development.

Base oneself upon of fair of food of 2008 China International at new historical height, be with brand-new perspective and language are elaborated and exhibit the international that act with complete novice law the large stage of high-quality goods of industry of contemporary diversity food, was 2009 what new year's day is full of spring before arrival to enrage breath and passion is beautiful beautiful scenery line.

2008 international feed rich to be able to monarch collect of characteristic of food of drink assemble, green, an ancient name for China, high-quality goods collects 4 big characteristic to exhibit an area, food of characteristic of an ancient name for China of the brigade ” that holds health of green of appreciate of “ beautiful wine and comment on ” , “ at the same time, “ is exhibited perform ” activity of 3 big wonderful themes, the name that has distinguishing feature each actors or actress new product conformity hits out especially, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, colour class refute, climax happen frequently, wonderful confused is shown.

Activity of 3 big themes serves as the grand opera of exposition, it is 2008 international feed rich to meet organizing committee force invites professional personage to be engineered meticulously, one when create for food industry business reveals brand and industry industry catenary, information the platform that share.

2008 food fair is sure to feed moral cause to international strength effect is helped to what cannot underestimate since development of Chinese food industry especially, to accelerating process of global economic integration, enlarge the collaboration between industry international and commerce, appear on China and Chinese brand to move toward the world to create more capacious development vacuum for international brand.
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