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2009 bay (enlighten do obeisance to) exposition of equipment of food, food, hote
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Extend meeting time: On Feburary 23, 2009- 26 days

Exhibit meeting site: Enlighten do obeisance to an international exhibition center (Yuan Di does obeisance to world trade centre)

Group Appoint Can: Dubai World Trade Centre(L.L.C) .

Limits of item on display:

Food drink: Food of food of wine of beverage, smoke, biscuit, candied, produce, convenient food, quick frozen food, green, health food, infant, potted food, flesh kind taste, greens of products of oil of birds goods, dairy produce, dressing, grain, dry Xian Guo, roast food, recreational food,
Hotel facilities: Hotel things reachs device; Bake appliance; Tableware of kitchen utensils and appliances; Last equipment; Refrigerant refrigerating equipment