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Spain finished 2009 exhibition of tool of hardware of Er Bae international
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Spain finished 2009 exhibition of tool of hardware of Er Bae international
One, show time: On March 25, 2009 - 28 days
2, show a location: Finish Er Bae international exhibits a center
3, exhibit frequency second: Two years
4, content of item on display: Tool of of all kinds hardware, dynamoelectric tool, installation tool, handiwork is provided, articles for use of small-sized machinery, household, industry is supplied taste, tool of equipment of spray of tool of ironwork, lock, garden, paint, DIY and product, fastener, .
5, extend meeting scope (previous term or session) :
Area: 35, 077 meters of ² (showpiece net area)
Ginseng postpone business: 1300, come from 30 many countries
The person that look around: 40000 professional audiences, come from 70 countries
6, sign up end: Stall is finite, till the newspaper is full
7, exhibition brief introduction: Spain finishs exhibition of tool of hardware of Er Bae international is one of exhibition that international exhibition alliance appoints, in Europe its position is next to division grand hardware to exhibit, it is the 2nd big hardware of European is exhibited, and obtained ISO9001 attestation. Finish city of Er Ba E is the traffic hub of Liberia peninsula, europe each main city contact is very convenient. It is OK to hold the ground as a result of its radiation is whole and meridional, medium market of Europe, Western Europe, echo each other at a distance of special situation and Germany, France, the propagandist plan that the person that together with is sponsorred meets to should be being exhibited and before exhibiting, extend the medium, systematization service after exhibiting, make should exhibit the position of the meeting to be strengthened ceaselessly, more and more get world each district is relevant the attention of the enterprise. Should exhibit can serve as large internationally major is exhibited meeting, gathered to come from the hardware industry manufacturer of world each district, agency. Every have more than 40000 professional audience that comes from nearly 70 countries to look around negotiate.
During the exhibition, the person that sponsor still will hold of all kinds business affairs to negotiate meeting, seminar and new product demonstrate to meet, ginseng postpone business not only state of technology of industry of OK and clairvoyant one's own profession, still can establish extensive business connection about commerce orgnaization with Spain. Since January 2008, limited company of division grand exhibition and Bi Er Ba E exhibit a center to build strategic partner to concern, bi Er of joint promotion Spain exhibition of hardware of Ba Eguo border, believe the Spain 2009 finishs exhibition of hardware of Er Bae international will be development international market of Chinese hardware manufacturer, especially Spain, Portuguese the platform of important international trade with latin america.

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