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"4 change " bring up Suzhou passenger car to exhibit
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2008 China (Suzhou) exhibition of international passenger car will on March 3 ~5 day exhibits a center to hold in Suzhou international. Suzhou and circumjacent region economy developed, public transportation reach demand of passenger transport car tremendous, car manufacturer is numerous, it is the main reason that the car exhibits settle Suzhou. Look in the organizing committee nevertheless, this is not Suzhou passenger car exhibits the most absorbing place.

Before Suzhou passenger car spreads out act, sponsor ministry of one of units, construction when Li Shihao of director of committee of experts of car of city of committee of science and technology is accepting special report of our newspaper reporter, the “ that generalized this Suzhou passenger car to exhibit 4 change ” standard.

■ reflect professional

Suzhou passenger car exhibits fixed position to exhibit passenger car of high-quality goods of ” , “ to exhibit ” , “ for “ green passenger car fast and public transportation bus exhibits ” , give priority to a problem with ” of traffic of passenger car of “ green motivation, green, green, give priority to body in order to show equipment of technology of advanced and public transportation car, union can be exhibited conduct industry activity, take in order to exhibit meeting, exhibit with can be being held in the palm, the purpose is to show passenger car new product, new technology, promote the communication inside the industry and cooperation.

As we have learned, organizing committee national “ the strategic thought of the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon blends in public transportation and preferential ” and “ in exhibiting the constituent activity of the meeting. The passenger car that appears in the exhibition reachs a nation entirely Ⅲ discharges a standard, xiamen gold brigade, medium, the manufacturer such as Shen Wo will mix dynamical passenger train many times showpiece. The market of fast and public transportation car with rapid in recent years development gets of the manufacturer such as dragon of gold of youth, Yellow Sea, Suzhou, An Kai, Chang Long take seriously, 9 fast and public transportation car are in exhibit can appear, partial manufacturer rolls out natural gas bus.

A few new products that component manufacturer rolls out and new technology, show the effort that turns a side in passenger car security, comfortable sex and intelligence.

■ condense industry sex

Suzhou passenger car is exhibited arranged a lot of industries to communicate an activity, exhibit with can be being held in the palm, implementation is exhibited, the meeting is interactive. As we have learned, during Suzhou passenger car is exhibited, will many 500 professional personage attends include association of public traffic of city of conference of director of association of Chinese city public traffic, China congress of director of fast and public transportation council inside many professional conferences, with respect to China construction of progress of public transportation career, fast public transportation system, public transportation new technology applies wait for industry heat topic to spread out discuss. Because bus market has decisive place in whole car market, these discussion that produce the progress to industry of our country car certain effect.
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