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Two exhibit meeting couplet to sleeve new international of the Shanghai that per
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Annual Munich Shanghai electron is exhibited (Electronica&ProductronicaChina) exhibit with Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity (LASER.WorldofPhotonicsChina) will in March 18-20 day is in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held grandly hand in hand once more. The member that regards informatization of 2008 Shanghai international as exposition is exhibited, what this Munich Shanghai electron is exhibited and Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity exhibits is respective showpiece area in pairs is achieved piece new tall, add on first degrees to come China the “ Germany laser that come on stage and photoelectricity are special exhibit ” , this congress will bring sumptuous dinner of unprecedented electron, laser for industry.
Member of exposition of informatization of 2008 Shanghai international is exhibited, the brand reveals platform, star company gathers together

Munich Shanghai electron exhibits a course 7 years breed and grow, had made the banner brand exhibition inside Chinese electron industry. Current exhibit meeting, reveal 380 when receive 19 countries and area assemble that postpone business the electron yuan the newest product of the domain such as facilities of production of parts of an apparatus, component, electron and achievement of research and development, reveal an area to achieve 23000 smooth rice, than 2007 increase sharply 30% . Rice of electric machinery of the peaceful division electron with illustrious and famous industry, Ying Feiling, An Hua high-tech, Fuji, contest accuses, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, Aipukesi, ohmic dragon, Feinikesi, ; If celebrity of industry of electronic production facilities is JAM, Komax, small temple, abstruse Liu Mi is appeared, new alliance and, Suo Ni case also unwilling to lag behind, early race to control is superexcellent exhibit; Still have report of the electrician below the pine, auspicious additionally, grand letter of spirit of small, Chongqing, day is connected, machinery of black silk ribbon harding iron will be in Munich Shanghai first the electron is exhibited go up to meet with the audience, plus what come from Germany, England, Taiwan large exhibit a group, exceeded the luxurious battle array that postpone business to prove Munich Shanghai electron is exhibited again so in Chinese electron industry get army position.

Meanwhile, admiral is exhibited to 206 when come from 16 countries and area exhibit business to respectfully present to the audience in Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity catenary of industry of whole laser, photoelectricity. Audience people will see gather together well-known company, shang Luofen of a fast group that is like Germany, heart, xiao Te group; Wave of American be concerned with, manage, favour is able to bear or endure; British GSI; The OSRAM of photoelectricity semiconductor manufacturer with banner whole world, the high-tech company laser that laser makes mark and machinery make bid fertile with Telesis; What represent as ethical laser company is big a group of things with common features laser of laser, Chutian laser, China labour laser, Hua Beiguang report, mainland also alls attend; Still have numerous what postpone business newly is active join in, include Korea Yi Europe, Ou Ruikang, IPG, marine optics to wait. The scope that Munich laser, photoelectricity extends also achieves the history from this new tall, break up than area of previous term or session time, achieve 11, 500 square metre. 3 days exhibit meeting general to show newest laser beam machining and laser technology to present audience, no matter be to cutting the solder, industry field that makes the wide application such as mark, still be in scientific research domain, shanghai laser, photoelectricity exhibits Munich to will exhibit the most advanced laser technology.
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