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In short supply big talk can exhibit professional how does economy break through
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In recent years, the meeting of Hainan exhibits an amount to increase increasingly, forehead of class, dimensions, effect also one year a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, showed vibrant flourishing picture. Can exhibit economy to already made the new point of growth that drives city of Hainan, big talk and region economy progress. Recently, hainan provincial capital exhibits city of association, big talk to be able to exhibit association to hold an informal discussion, nearly 100 professional personages discussed Hainan provincial capital to postpone the development of course of study jointly. They point out, at present big talk can exhibit course of study to still be faced with a few inadequacy, can exhibit economy to face test.

Professional is in short supply

Current, whole meeting exhibits Hainan course of study encounters ” of talent “ bottleneck, from downstream reception the job goes to what concoctive organization of upper reaches and fluctuation swim not to have respect of aperture butt joint, put in the circumstance with in short supply professional. Especially the meeting of big talk is exhibited belong to become a monk late in life from majority of personnel of course of study, a lot of people come over from travel industry transition, although have,abound from already check, but the system that still needs professional knowledge grooms.

To this, hainan saves trade to close to meeting vice-chairman, provincial capital exhibits association chairman Yang Xuegong to say, will hold a few meetings to exhibit professional manager to groom this year class, can exhibit in order to rise from level of staff of course of study, exploration Hainan can extend development pattern of economy.

This locality can exhibit resource finite

The market inside Hainan island is limited, can exhibit resource finite. Below such circumstance, the resource outside extending an island energetically, brand outside introducing an island is exhibited can make new way. Last year, the ” of exposition of medicine of “ whole nation that Hainan province introduced Beijing encourage to exhibit a group, the 4th China examined 2007 exposition of things of medical blood transfusion, to prosperity Hainan can exhibit economy to make contribution. Yang Xuegong says, this year, hurried of trade of province, city is met, province, city can exhibit association general and domestic and international meeting to exhibit association to establish affined relationship, strive for a few meetings forum of square, city, famous exhibition, national order goods can hold to Hainan.

Chinese trade closes to meeting vice-chairman Wang Jinzhen makes an on-the-spot investigation for many times, survey, wang Jinzhen expresses, hainan has distinctive travel resource, it is ocean big province, want to rely on these resource, hold corresponding fair. Yang Xuegong says, can discuss hold ” of exposition of commodity of travel of “ Hainan international and ” of golf things exposition and “ ocean fishery.
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