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The dispatch when an ancient name for China
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Shandong action is far: Foreign trade breaks through 1 billion dollar
(Zhao Ru of Zhang Zhiyuan of Yu Xijiang of reporter of reporter Teng key) bureau of trade of the classics outside enrolling remote town according to Shandong province provides information, this city completed volume of foreign trade 2007 1.1 billion dollar, among them: Exit 7. 295.6 billion dollar, entrance 3. 649.5 billion dollar, grow 20 respectively compared to the same period. 9 % , 28. 95 % , foreign trade breaks through 1 billion dollar to close greatly first, total value of imports and exports of foreign investment company 900 million dollar, grow 31 compared to the same period. 3 % , 82 what hold total value of imports and exports. 1 % , the foreign trader invests the dominant position of the enterprise to continue to strengthen, in whole town rose to support action in foreign trade.
As we have learned, since last year, face the new situation that hasten of policy of macroscopical adjusting control tightens complex and changeful international market and country, enrol train of thought of develop of ideas of move of bureau of trade of the classics outside remote town, artful use of resourceful and decisive prepares, support thought new solution is unlocked achieve development new phase, consider the situation, decided train of thought of job of fore-and-aft and “ transverse dilate, outspread ” , guide actively 3 endowment company change idea, adjust train of thought, grab stress development first machine, obtained apparent effect.

Guangdong Guangzhou: Will hold fair of the 12nd bake in May

(Liu Sheng of reporter of reporter Tan snow is built) the 12nd China that sponsors by consortium of industry of bake of countrywide business association (Guangzhou) bake exhibition will in May 12 be in center of exhibition of Guangzhou international conference to hold to 14 days.
It is reported, the 12nd China (Guangzhou) the theme of bake exhibition is “ greets ” of wind of Olympic Games, new bake, innovation, exhibition area exceeds 40 thousand square metre, share more than 600 China and foreign countries to postpone business.
As we have learned, exhibit can kick off to will undertake culture of the 10th 2008 bake and economic forum that day, at the appointed time law of label of food of put up with and cake room chain manage the subject that waits for an audience to be interested, invite famous expert explains inside course of study. The spot still will undertake bake technology is performed, at the appointed time baker of domestic and international famous public house, on the west company of cake division, famous bake is preeminent outstanding bake division will assemble in technician and room of each district cake, bring sumptuous dinner of a vision for domestic bake course of study.

Shandong Jinan: International medical apparatus and instruments is exhibited hold
(reporter Qi Fei) by the whole nation association of wholesome property business management, Shandong saves government of Jinan city people, Shandong to save medicine the “ that Xin Chenghua of meeting, Shandong exhibits limited company to be held jointly medical apparatus and instruments of the 19th China International.
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