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Guangzhou does the largest poineering investment to join in exhibit
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Dispatch of new wall bulletin (reporter Xie Shaoping) the reporter learned a few days ago, the China that interlinks management association, Guangzhou to interlink management association to hold by province of rich numerous exhibition, Guangdong is the biggest poineering investment joins in the project exhibits ——“ concessionary chain of Guangzhou of the 16th China joins in exhibition ” , in March 8-10 day is in wide hand in house of meeting shedding flower show to hold. At the appointed time, many 300 world the most top class concessionary chain joins in the brand appears rich numerous join in exhibit, limits involves vogue act the role ofing to taste, meal of type of Chinese and Western, cool tea, hairdressing beautifies hair, commerce seeks advice etc tens of industry.

“ nowadays, worry of a lot of investor does not know to find the right poineering investment project that can become rich where. ” is sponsorred just express, exhibit meeting general to bring brand of numerous and outstanding global concessionary chain for broad poineering investor, offer a lot of poineering investment to become rich join in opportunity. As we have learned, this second exhibit meeting give attention to two or morethings big, medium, small-scale investment joins in poineering project, investment from thousands of to millions of yuan differ, can satisfy the poineering investor demand of different investment ability.