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From Ning Bo hardware is exhibited see an enterprise be opposite of media, chamb
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After exhibition of hardware of international of peaceful 2008 wave ends, have ginseng postpone a business in “ forum of hardware of a big ” published a criticism that meets to should be being exhibited, this ginseng exhibits an enterprise to express, conference report is exhibited to go up in hardware industry, industry media should have the high sense of responsibility of industry media, the report of objective fact exhibits meeting truth, offer accurate data to direct for the enterprise. The hope is relevant at the same time unit, stand in the height of the industry, the treatment that is in charge of highly the industry is exhibited meeting. Textual as follows:

My firm joined this year (8 years) the ” of exhibition of hardware of international of peaceful 2008 wave that will hold in Ning Bo to 7 days on March 4, those who discover the effect to report at exhibiting company conduct propaganda and relevant industry media is completely different, in the meantime, postpone meeting business as a result of what he are in charge of our company, a few idea hope to be able to cause the attention of relevant unit:

   Hope industry media: Have high media sense of responsibility, objective report is exhibited meeting, exhibit for enterprise ginseng provide reference

Had attended in me a few exhibit in the meeting, what numerous metals medium and small businesses blames a trade is of all kinds exhibit the meeting is too much, every exhibit the conduct propaganda of the meeting is especially big, especially good. Industry media also is not to distribute size stand or fall, uniform report to good side, come so, the enterprise also did not have referenced data, industry media also fails to have real effect, have the possibility of misdirect enterprise even. Be just like this Ning Bo hardware to exhibit, original effect is not very good, a lot of websites still make a report with openly form.

Industry colleagues hope, industry media can watch a report to exhibit with guest of sense of responsibility meeting, offer objective analytic opinion, offer relevant ginseng to exhibit reference for the enterprise, also provide reference to show a company.

   Hope industry business (assist) meeting: Value oneself position and dignity, become good industry leader

Look greatly small nowadays the industry is exhibited meeting, not be this industry the organization is approved even if that trade organization is sponsorred or assist do. Ceng Ji gets a colleague (wait for a reason considering this business development, inconvenience alludes real name) if say even if: What “ does not know the public relations that is exhibition company is done is too good, still be these trade organization itself should not answer oneself thing (oneself are not in power authority power) , it how be met otherwise is informal to how be met otherwise a Xiaozhan can be met the support of authoritative orgnaization. ”
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