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See Hua Na exhibit admire China to imprint bound bright phearl
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March austral, sunshine is vernal, warm wind blast blast blow. On March 4 ~ 7 days, the 15th Hua Nayin that in Fair of Guangzhou China import and export merchandise Pa continent exhibits a house to hold brushs Zhan Jihua austral border is packed exhibit, greeted by tens of thousands domestic and international print exhibits business and professional audience. Just disclose according to sponsorring, this exhibits meeting site to clinch a deal the forehead 120 million yuan of RMBs, contract purpose 350 million yuan of RMB; Professional audience 41692 person-time, among them the audience outside the condition is 6713 person-time.
4 exhibit appear at the same time

With China austral border pressworks the international austral Zhan Jihua is packed exhibit what hold at the same time to still China International label is exhibited, China technology of austral border beverage is exhibited, 4 exhibit occupy 5 to exhibit a house in all, exhibit an area 50 thousand much square metre, for Hua Na area what have force most is the most large-scale, one-stop presswork, label, pack reach beverage technology grand meeting. 4 exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business to come from the whole world 19 countries and area, include the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, England, Switzerland, France, Belgian, India, Sweden, Israel, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan and Hong Kong, ginseng postpone business more than 800, and global before 20 many professional association also form a delegation, will look around. China austral border pressworks exhibit join the range of item on display that extend to include: The equipment before imprinting and software, image and design serve, the number pressworks reach device of draw a design, CTP technology reachs device, label, flexible reach sunken sex to presswork equipment, offset print equipment reachs machine, screen printing, expression is three-dimensional the biconvex cover that displays propaganda paterial pressworks, electron and data are published, computer gush picture and billboard presswork service, specialty printing equipment, pack presswork equipment, facilities of the treatment after imprinting reachs a technology, paper products machines equipment, bound and mechanical equipment, print makings reachs fittings, bad news material, maintenance of equipment of equipment and fittings, machine and maintain service, the test, equipment that taste a canal reachs a service, and presswork the figure of the enterprise is revealed reach presswork high-quality goods is revealed.

First dimensions is all previous

Exhibiting can different point with previous term or session is current extend meeting scope bigger, actual strength of the whole that postpone business rises, supportive strength of the government is stronger. Sponsor the square elegant type of one to exhibit Zhu Yulun of president of service limited company to say, no matter from the exhibition the actual strength of the dimensions, whole that postpone business, mechanical equipment that exhibit meeting internationalization degree or exhibits all is calendar year,this exhibits meeting “ most ” . He says, publication group of publication bureau of Guangdong province news and Guangdong province is held the position of first sponsor an unit, more Guangdong saves publication print endowment limited company, China prevents bogus guild does not do offset print to make the main support such as branch, can be to be being exhibited this since flutter and audience organization respect to very big urge action. He expresses, the achievement with so encouraging “ , sufficient proof pressworks reach the industry that pack to have tremendous development space ” in Hua Na market. Reporter spot interviewed to come from group of laser of inscription of Guangdong another name for Guangdong Province postpone business, because feel,he says “ China austral border pressworks international scope, fame pretty good still, this so first time ginseng exhibits ” .
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