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2008 Shanghai passenger car is exhibited advocate make energy-saving product
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2008 worlds passenger car reads extensively Asian exhibition (abbreviation Shanghai passenger car is exhibited) , at will be in Shanghai on March 11 new international reads extensively the center is wonderful come on stage, end at 14 days. Exhibit this the meeting is truckload manufacturing company ginseng exhibits an amount, released new car number and audience number to achieve new tall, the type of many passenger cars such as passenger car of passenger car of sightseeing bus, highway, double-deck coach, BRT is assembled in exhibit meeting, concentration showed the technology with Chinese car the most advanced industry. Those who come from and other places of Euramerican, middle east, Africa is many buy the home to also come here second exhibit meeting, offerred overseas market opportunity to join the car company that exhibit.
Energy-saving passenger car becomes Cheng Xinchong of passenger car of leading role BRT, double-deck coach
Join the car company that exhibit to divide dragon of gold of Xiamen gold brigade, Suzhou, An Kai passenger car, medium connect passenger car substandard, wo Erwo passenger car, Si Kanni inferior what also brought a banner to fall is new article; In addition, er of Sa of Tianjin Yi benefit also brought the city bus that runs environmental development in the light of Chinese road.
The reporter sees, this ginseng exhibited an enterprise to be carried energy-saving the passenger car product that reduces a platoon, if An Kai brought two to discharge pollution to be the pure dynamoelectric bus of 0, its power system uses cell of lithium of phosphoric acid iron, deserve to have super electric capacity, hold a high power performance and function of high environmental protection concurrently, most high-power can amount to 380 kilowatt, after filling report OK and successive travel 200 much kilometers. Fu Tianou V brought Europe VBJ6123 to appear on a car to exhibit, this car has achieved sale of batch of commercialization of mixture motivation city bus, have wonderful economy and environmental protection sex.
Another when after the reporter visits a car to exhibit, obtain intuitionistic impression is, what BRT passenger car and double-deck coach had become numerous ginseng to exhibit a manufacturer is new bestow favor on.
BRT passenger car is had as a result of its bear the weight of the advantage of high capacity passenger, had been in our country at present many cities promotion. Exhibit this on the meeting, much home passenger car produces an enterprise to carry passenger car of new fund BRT to appear. As fast and public transportation system (BRT) the person that found and the person that drive, wo Erwo passenger car also rolled out the SWB6180LF of newest research and development city bus this.
This the car is exhibited on besides inferior the star rolls out new fund double-deck coach, congener product also exhibited greatly in, the sword points to travel sightseeing market. Double-deck coach is in exhibit appear again and again on the meeting, behaved the car company attention to double-deck coach market.
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