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Exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 15th 2009 Shanghai
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SHANGHAIMETALLURGY EXPO(15Th)Exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 15th Shanghai ----Metallurgy equipment, automation and transmission system are exhibited Exhibition of the corresponding period: Fair of trade of iron and steel of international of the 2nd Shanghai Time: 2009Year6Month11-13Day Place: Congress of light of Shanghai of & of center of Shanghai international exhibition exhibits a center-------Gather together the whole world is famous enterprise ◇ China iron and steel and world are shared------- Metallurgical industry of international of ◆ “ Shanghai exhibits Shanghai of ” base oneself upon, face an Asia, production of iron and steel of radiation whole world, equipment, current domain! SHANGHAI METALLURGY EXPO—— of eye shot of focusing whole world all previous reviewing
Exhibition of Shanghai international metallurgical industry is domain of global metallurgical industry inside long the technical trade grand meeting of negative great reputation. Establish 1986, held 14 successfully already up to now, accumulative total exceeds 57 countries, 4371 enterprises ginseng is exhibited. Exhibit what can have gotten domestic and international numerous and famous business to support energetically with participate in, be like: In steel of petrifaction, Bao Gang, saddle, Lai steel, Pan Gang, east special, Hua Ling, Bao Gang, ABB, 3M, GE, Xi Menzi, must promote, should amount to, day of 3 water chestnut stands etc. Tian Jiyun of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council can chair opening ceremony to exhibit personally 1992, see the authority that Shanghai international metallurgy extends and consequence. Reviewing of previous term or session 2007 exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 14th Shanghai, showpiece dimensions 30 thousand square metre. Gather together 455 enterprises of 30 countries and area join in, the 20134 person-time that drew 81 countries and district look around, among them abroad audience 3015 people. SHANGHAI METALLURGY EXPO got the attention of leaders of all levels, include Wu Xi of adviser of association of Chinese iron and steel industry to pure; Ministry of former metallurgical industry chief engineer Zhou Chuandian; Hu Jialun of vice-chairman of association of Shanghai science and technology; Zhu Guoliang of vice-chairman of federation of Shanghai industry economy concerned leader and domestic industry expert 25 times to attend inside exhibit meeting, attended an opening ceremony. Exhibit the your kind effort of the guild outside can getting abroad is stationed in Chinese consulate within the country at the same time, society to support.
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