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Can exhibit observation to be able to exhibit economy to welcome new development
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Will mix as center of international broadcasting television during the Olympic Games advocate news center and the national conference center that compare competition ground house temporarily, contest hind will become Beijing to hold the large installation that reveals the conference, integratedly internationally.


Come from some kind of meaning say, the Olympic Games is current world's most large-scale exhibition, on one hand its participation the likelihood of the number is other exhibit meet what cannot be likened to, if Beijing Olympic Games registers personnel,will achieve 280 thousand, register a reporter to have 21600 people only among them; Serve as on the other hand so large-scale exhibit meeting, it faces professional audience absolutely not just, exceed 7 million audiences besides the spot outside, it still waits for media to draw the look of person of whole world more through broadcasting television, the press and network. According to abroad professional TV collects the data that inspects investigation network, the televiewer number of Beijing Olympic Games will innovate record. The Olympic Games will be revealed adequately hold a city to develop actual strength and standard of modern science and technology as the economy with metropolitan internationalization, in this process, can exhibit economy to want to produce the effect of oneself necessarily.

Beijing serves as 2008 of the Olympic Games hold the ground, had occupied in Olympic Games economy can exhibit business chance. Although international Olympic committee sets, around a week is reached during the Olympic Games, must not be in sponsor urban this locality, or near its, or other game site is held national, weigh big conference activity internationally; Department of Commerce also will issue announcement at this point on November 1 last year, came on August 1, 2008 during September 23, do not approve hold as national as what the Olympic Games has nothing to do, internationally exhibition. Came on April 30, 2008 during July 31, during approving fixed exhibition period to be in this only inside, and already held 2 in Beijing continuously or the routine exhibition of 2 above. But, around Olympic Games theme, beijing will still organize the of all kinds conference with large quantities of one rich content and exhibition, this also is the meeting in economy of Beijing Olympic Games those who exhibit business chance is direct reflect. Culture of series of Beijing Olympic Games can exhibit an activity to include forum of culture of Olympic Cultural Festival, international Olympic, Olympic to teach art of forum, Olympic 2008 curiosa of museum of Olympic of forum, international is exhibited, international Olympic stamp collecting is exhibited, international Olympic is collected exhibit, international sports art is exhibited, Chinese sports culture. In the meantime, beijing still will be held study the Beijing international science and technology that gives priority to a problem in order to reflect 3 Dali of ” of Olympic Games of “ green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games car of international of industrial exposition, Beijing is exhibited, art of international of exposition of industry of Chinese culture originality, Beijing double year exhibit wait a series of related. In the meantime, exhibit the complete of first phase project as new nation, the indoor and professional investment exhibiting a house of nearly 100 thousand square metre is used, add place of on a few Olympic Gameses to be after the Olympic Games, also can carry on to be exhibited partly through changing one's costume or dress, beijing can exhibit the hardware of development to be able to rival international level completely already. Pass an Olympic Games, beijing general can exhibit area, new nation with Olympic Games place etc to rely on, become can exhibit economy to develop, the east that has international force and Asia can exhibit a center.
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