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How to leave beautiful visa too this closes
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At the beginning of March, study abroad by national Ministry of Education the tour of education of China International of the 13rd “ that the service center sponsors exhibits ” (Xi'an stands) will hold in Xi'an, at the appointed time, the partial college that comes from nearly 30 countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Holand, New Zealand, Singapore and area and educational orgnaization will be joined exhibit. To serve broad reader, outside the report when our newspaper undertakes reaching besides the pertinent information that meets to exhibiting, at the same time also go abroad study abroad the economic news of the respect provides broad reader.

Study abroad it is a lot of more difficult that American visa should compare other country, this is to study abroad unanimous view of the personage. Study abroad American visa includes what procedure, how to pass visa smoothly, visa interview has what skill, it is to prepare to study abroad more the problem that American personage pays close attention to generally.
Make an appointment visa interview
Above all, the bank that appoints to American embassy buys what pay fee beforehand to add cipher telegram word to get stuck, or the website of center of Wu of word of entry visa information buys a password, charge costs 54 yuan of RMBs to communicate 12 minutes or communicate 8 minutes to cost 36 yuan of RMBs. Next, call center of Wu of visa information word to make an appointment visa interview time or inquiry visa problem (Chinese) . Before call, on deck of best will following news: Means of number of applicant full name, passport, Id number, connection, visit the United States purpose, in China constant dwelling place and whether had been signed by refus before etc. The cost of all long distance call that produces accordingly will be loaded by the person that call, normally the phone inside 30 seconds can put through.
The telephone number of center of Wu of visa information word: 4008-872-333   (the whole nation is current)
Working hours: Zhou Yi comes ∶ of week of 00~19 of 5 7 ∶ 00, saturday ∶ of 8 ∶ 00~17 00
Fill in visa files form
Application form of visa of the DS-156 of 1. English, 157 electrons must on the net online fill in. Fill in after ending, should print all pages come out (the last page that includes to contain a form to pile up in all 3 pages) , hand over when visa interview.
2. general a piece 5 centimeters of ×5 centimeter chromophotograph is stickup go up in the DS-156 watch of English. The front that the photograph must be the white setting that films inside 6 months is illuminated.
Visa interview
1. interview carried all visa place to require data that day (consult website of American diplomatic mission is not immigrant visa category one column) . Want to notice to be not an applicant to cannot accompany an applicant to enter visa hall. When visa interview, every applicant must prove his case to visa official alone. The applicant needs beforehand ready-made, so that can be when interview below the condition that accompanies without relative or legal delegate, the viatic end that goes to the United States the sanction that is in China to visa official him specification alone and this. Of only exception is 13 years old of the following children, can accompany by grown relative attend interview. Below certain and special situation, the disabled can have accompany a person.
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