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Medium-sized 2007 meeting exhibits urban brand to exhibit can big check
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Be in what just go 2007, the congress in be being considered as exhibits property one year decisive. In this year, the cooperative pattern that China can extend course of study and international exhibition tycoon, strode pure exhibition project powerful combination, outspread exhibit a tycoon to portal website and international together, it is capital is run even. Meanwhile, the meeting of Chinese school exhibits educational upsurge, also attracted international to be able to exhibit the smell of gigantic alligator.
And as exhibit the carrier —— city of the meeting, also produced a change sadly. Be in can exhibit industry to pay close attention to the long triangle that is a center with Jing Husui closely, bead trigonometry and annulus Bohai Sea area of 3 big exhibitions while, be good at seeking the international that moves after that surely to exhibit tycoons, garrisoned in succession however medium-sized meeting exhibits a city. Then, international tycoon is bought in what medium-sized meeting exhibits a city became with collaboration can exhibit one of topics with the most popular cause 2007.
Come one year, our newspaper exhibits the discovery when the city undertakes investigating interviewing in medium-sized to 22 meeting, medium-sized meeting exhibits urban front to be being faced new round development good luck. Before new opportunity, while each city been makinging sufficient preparation, corresponding also ground made the code that development can exhibit and administrative way, endeavor standard and promotion are held internationally large conference and the environment that show an activity. Do in standardization, internationalization in exhibiting one billow to cross the cry of one billow high, china can exhibit industry to realize, with the principal port that international conforms.
This year September, the summer that holds in Chinese Dalian first amounts to Wo Si forum, your more medium-sized cities get encouragement fully. For a short while, apply internationally large activity, become a lot of and medium-sized meeting to exhibit new surveyor's pole of the city. China is being become internationally the purpose nation with large new activity, one batch has the medium-sized city of actual strength, should learn how to carry on not only international is large mobile ability, return the service that must want to learn how to offer internationalization, ability obtains more credit.
Not only such, a few medium-sized cities more be good at grasping the opportunity inside area, this is growing trigonometry, bead trigonometry and annulus Bohai Sea area of 3 big exhibitions particularly apparent. Although leave the time that Shanghai world rich can kick off to still have 3 years 2010, but the city waits in the Hangzhou of Shanghai periphery, Nanjing, Ning Bo, Suzhou, seem the concern that has just miss the opportunity of as rare as this opportunity, those who be promotion city is famous spend and consequence, already had made the preparation of 200% ahead of schedule. Enter when Beijing Olympic Games when timing, the meeting of Tianjin and Qingdao exhibits an activity, hope to be able to touch the ” of “ good luck of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, gain basin full earthen bowl is full.
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