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“ exhibition is a hard media. ” has the honor to win China two years to be able to exhibit 10 old prominent entrepreneur continuously award Dusaierduofu is exhibited (China) Feng Peixi of limited company CEO is in during the 4th China can exhibit forum of economic international collaboration to hold 2008, spoke oneself to understand to can postponing industrial development again: The exhibition that “ succeeds must have complete soft hardware, bear the responsibility with a due media side-by-side, provide the platform of information communication and business affairs conjugate, enter the information that exhibits business and client to all can get abundance through this media and good service, extend business chance thereby, reach trade. ”

Offer high grade mainland to change serve a the first ” of “ world to introduce China

Much husband of Er of German Du Sai exhibits group company is banner international exhibition to sponsor an orgnaization, regard the whole world as one of orgnaizations of 5 big exhibitions, 65 abroad are had to represent place and 13 subsidiary in the whole world, service network covers more than 100 countries and area, it is the exhibition group of the first brand of world. The 40 many major that its hold have 22 to had made world the biggest exhibition in exhibition. Include Drupa(heart Lu Ba to presswork among them, media, publish reach paper to taste treatment exhibition) , ) of exhibition of cable of Wire(international wire, GDS(international shoe kind exhibition) the industry distinguished gathering that waits for professional personage praise highly.

Be in early 1999, dusaierduofu exhibits the Germany that regards the whole world as one of orgnaizations of 5 big exhibitions group company and from endowment the world that hold water exhibited trade adviser limited company to establish in China Dusaierduofu exhibits (China) limited company (the following abbreviation: MDC) . Depend on the powerful setting of the parent company, MDC builds team of perfect hardware form a complete set, professional and client natural resources quickly, several years short obtained arrogant person outstanding achievement.

Up to now, MDC has created agency in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Shenyang, in acting Germany Dusaierduofu exhibits a group to enrol business, promotion in China, reach an exhibition to seek advice from the foundation that waits for business to go up, combine industrial development of China and market demand current situation, world first major exhibition leads China, cogent change a service to exhibited business to offer high grade mainland, assist an enterprise to extend business chance. In several years of in the past, subordinate China International imprints completely exhibit, cable of China International wire and wire exhibition, shoe of exhibition of material of China International canal, China International exhibits · shoe machine, China International safe production and professional health fair already became China and even Asian first exhibit card. Be worth what carry is China International imprints completely exhibit (AIP) more have the honor to win “2006 year China to be able to exhibit industrial brand exhibition the award of 30 strong ” . The cable of wire of “ China International of its general and wire exhibit · China International to be in charge of material to exhibit ” to already made the whole world now congener exhibit meeting the 2nd strong, shoe of international of “ China Dongguan exhibits · shoe machine to exhibit ” is the shoe that Chinese inland obtains UFI international exclusively to approbate more kind exhibit meeting.
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