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Our country exhibits sale to develop way
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Be in our country, the application that shows sale considers to still handle initialization level, this is not just by be being exhibited at the above of half the number with our country at present medium exhibition can be by governmental dominant model, guild or forestall enterprise organizes, and the research that exhibits sale theory still lies to organize the rule in the light of the exhibition of planned economy times, overall and theory of character exhibition sale considers to still lie of transition in discussing, the article tries roll out a few viewpoints and proposal, cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, discuss our country to show the way that sale develops jointly with industry expert and scholar.

One, state of sale of world exhibition estate

In exhibition market gross certain premise falls, the sale effort that shows origanization construction and exhibition market are had rate show direct ratio. World-famous exhibition project can exhibit the market to develop in our country implementation, the brand shapes the development that reachs the respect such as dilate to exceed convention, as active as its sale is not divided hard. International is famous wonderful confused shows exhibition origanization construction and the sale means it may be said that show brand item, not only steadily occupational and inherent home shows the market, quickly sale antenna outspread show the market to international, the exhibition origanization construction that waits for a developed country like Germany, United States, Japan uses all sorts of sale means actively to achieve brand exhibition oneself in global promotion, attract overseas business ginseng to exhibit. WTO organization is entered in our country, commerce service line of business is comprehensive and open, course of study of our country exhibition experiences international already personally to exhibit an orgnaization to exhibit the extruding of the market to China, the strategy that origanization construction of wraparound international exhibition adopts in exhibition sale process has the following to plant: (If pursue)

Exhibit sale strategy combination

Outspread strategy

International exhibits origanization construction to pass global dilate, come its exhibit aggrandizement the integral offensive of sale. International is famous show origanization construction or Shen Mi program is passed before the brand shows the exhibition market that enters location, outspread action often can accompany the wide attention of local media, achieve quite influential conduct propaganda result thereby. For example, the 3 exhibitions company such as German Hannuowei, Dusaierduofu, Munich is joint-stock 2001 build is participated in to exhibit place in Shanghai, shanghai new international exhibited central building to cause great attention inside global limits, for a short while each countries especially each big news media of China had positive report to this matter, make countless ginseng exhibit business to included large quantities of medium and small businesses to know to there are these 3 brands to show a company on the world.
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