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World rich is met, industry of lumber letting stone flourishs more
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This website dispatch (reporter Cao Jijun)Garden of Shanghai world rich leaves formally after building, exuberant to stone material demand. And Asia the stone material of the 4th exhibits the biggest, world meeting -- the 15th China (Shanghai) product of international stone material and exhibition of equipment of stone talent technology are about to kick off.

Current exhibiting can be throughout history scale is the largest, showpiece dimensions is achieved 68000 smooth rice, the assemble is domestic and international stone lumber company is close 1000, included all and famous brand inside the industry almost, at the same time the dimensions of abroad that exhibit a group also expands ceaselessly, turkey, Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Iran waits for stone material big country. Sponsor square estimation, exhibit meeting ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to will amount to 1000 the home, audiences to make an appointment with 60 thousand person-time.

Shed the not complete count of a guild according to Shanghai stone material, rich of Chinese Shanghai world can apply a success 2010 in those days, consumption of stone material project exceeds 20 million square metre, total value makes an appointment with 6 billion yuan. Exhibit in this during the meeting, meeting general affairs coordinates Shanghai world rich bureau engineering department will come to the spot, with respect to world rich meeting project project is to make a speech of company of lumber of domestic and international stone, the project level that yields more enterprise to understand world rich to meet and international engineering rule.