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On June 30, 2007, government of people of the Anhui province is in Beijing high-key allege, want to make Hefei city into the home appliance with eponymous Qingdao of as suitable as Guangdong heart, Shandong create base, plan to use 8 become China and even world's greatest home appliance to create one of base to 10 years or so.

On November 27, 2007, in air conditioning of Ao Kesi Nanchang 2 period ceremonially of engineering go into operation, nanchang economy developing zone discloses about the personage, the Shanghai sea that always invests 1 billion yuan of above establishs compressor of electric equipment limited company to produce development of project general settle, only compressor year of crop will break through ten million stage, after product put into production, nanchang will become base of our country's biggest air conditioning property.

June 2007, on program of catenary of industry of Wuhan home appliance and news briefing of news of product form a complete set, release first " catenary of industry of Wuhan home appliance develops a program " , put forward, to “ 915 ” period end, home appliance industry realizes production value 20 billion yuan, room air conditioning implement scale of production achieves 10 million, quantity of the form a complete set inside the city of spare parts of home appliance product exceeds 40% , 915 ” of “ make Wuhan base of the throughout the country's important home appliance manufacturing industry.

Industry of city of the Chongqing end 2007 plans to announce, will do do strong home appliance and electronic chip industry to strive to formed force of Guo Hong, division 2012 greatly (Chongqing) Er of company, sea (Chongqing) enterprise of home appliance of information of 3 one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class, and year sell production value group of 40 billion yuan industry of information home appliance. In the meantime, body year after year sells production value 50 billion yuan, product ladder second group of complete electronic chip industry.

Still have … of Chu city, Chengdu…

All these makes clear, industry of Chinese home appliance is undertaking an engineering capability from Dong Xiangxi is transferred.

Hereat at the same time, base of these burgeoning home appliance, produce to promote place course of study is famous degree, rely on production advantage, the of all kinds home appliance that holds by dominant of local local government exhibits the tendency that also can show bitter fleabane break out to exhibit.

In June 2007, exposition of small home appliance of first international daily expense is held in Zhejiang beyond Yao.

In October 2007, first China (Hefei) exposition of international electric home appliances

Additional, still home appliance of wave having peace is exhibited, kind brook home appliance is exhibited etc.
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