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China can exhibit course of study to wait for decay more can exhibit resource to
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Although China can exhibit property,still show puerile, but precipitant exuberant opportunity of survival, let China become international to be able to postpone the new central issue that course of study awaits however. Shanghai 2010 of world exposition hold, by the personage inside course of study accepted the chance that can exhibit decay for China, when city of China of world view focusing, also mean more meetings to exhibit resource to will collect China.


As if between one night, china can exhibit course of study to enter the adolescence of complacent.

What “ a thousand li does not go 10 thousand lis to give love is spatio-temporal, dalian is the eternity in my heart; What a thousand li does not go 10 thousand lis to give love is spatio-temporal, I am the smile with bright Dalian. ” very few somebody has listened the edition with this complete song, but singing should ring in the television only, the audience knows what big wrist of this musical circle sings Liu is joyous, it is a song that extols Dalian. After 2000, in channel of CCTV Chinese international, appeared sadly advertisement of image of a few cities piece, this overturned completely Chinese audience understands —— to traditional advertising so, wear besides what eat, the city also needs advertisement.

” of “ city competition, be in the China in the past is the noun that never has heard of, but the development as economy, what domestic town realizes urban consequence is important, ” of glamour of “ brand ”“ begins to be hanged to be by the side of the mouth of governmental official. Resemble hormonal secrete quickly, the mutual competition between the city, stimulated the upsurge of urban sale, regard urban sale as important step, can exhibit course of study to enter “ adolescence ” subsequently.

“ can be exhibited is the urban sale medium that has special function. Bai Changhong of assistant dean of university international business school leaves south ” , it is the person that an active scholar and urban sale are carried out, he explains with such definition can exhibit with the city concern delicately between competition.

Dalian, it is China the earliest systematically one of outback big cities of city of “ sale ” , also made the classic case of Chinese city sale nowadays, and can exhibit, it is fictile of Dalian city image principal weight used on a balance. In fact, liu Huan is publicized in Dalian city piece in sung song, it is the earliest on evening party of square of division of clothing of international of the 6th Dalian prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, this as it happens gives can extend the relationship with the city, write down footnote.

The meeting with successful “ is exhibited, itself is event of a media, it attracts media to contend for photograph report to attend the meeting exhibit relevant content, media also can pay close attention to this city accordingly. And, can exhibit oneself, it is an omnibus big media, everybody exchanges information here, culture feature of the city, give the public through can exhibiting expression. ” Bai Changhong says.
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