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Hotel things market borrows can exhibit property " blossom and bear fruit "
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A few days ago, fan Guangyu of deputy secretary-general of Chinese restaurant association enters public house of international of the 5th Guangzhou in Guangzhou express when equipment and news briefing of things exhibition news, 2010 before the Asia Game, guangzhou will be added newly 40 to hotel of class of 50 Gao Xing. This means industry of hotel things equipment to will greet huge to expand opportunity.
As we have learned, the things of hotel of class of a 5 stars, furniture is purchased be close to 100 million yuan. This is meant before 2010, the market of hotel things equipment that Guangzhou increases newly will attain 4 billion yuan scale at least. According to rough statistic, guangzhou is before 2010 luxurious hotel project has completion and the fast star class that building 40 above.
Guangzhou is new upsurge of investment of hotel of class of round of fast star arrived “ blossoms and bear fruit ” when, besides already outside the hotel of 5 stars class such as imperial crown of the sweet case lira of practice, Jia Yi, the public house of fast star class that other is building also arrived to decorate the eve of practice. These are needing the public house that decorate, purchase the market to bring tremendous business chance to hotel things.
The personage inside Guangzhou hotel industry expresses, hotel things market appears to grow at full speed, besides building a hotel to increase considerably, wine shop is transformed newlier also can bring one share market. Current, guangzhou hotels of all class of old brand star had been finished or undertaking updating transforming almost. Their investment also is very big, had finished transformed Oriental guesthouse for instance, cost 200 million multivariate, and be about to start guesthouse of the Chinese big public house that transforms a project, white swan, expenditure also is in several yuan.
Hotel things is before tremendous market opportunity, industry of things of domestic public house still exists a lot of problem. For instance, green environmental protection already became the subject of domestic hotel industry, the hotel that includes governmental official to hope to have to transition of “ green ” , but the supplier that domestic lack can offer articles for use of hotel of green environmental protection. On the other hand, the innovation capability of hotel things industry is not strong. Group of a luxurious hotel hopes to purchase the television that is hanged in the bathroom, can not know which manufacturer is selling however, be forced to be purchased abroad. Fan Guangyu still thinks, hotel things industry wants sex of the look up before strengthening, the future that wants pair of whole hotel industries develops ” of trend “ know sth like the palm of one's hand, rise its and union of existing new and high technology, ability is before tremendous market opportunity ” of “ do a job with skill and ease.

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