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Dress is exhibited meet this what lend an autograph
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Dress exhibits the main bridge that moves toward the market as dress product, already experienced development course of nearly 20 years in China, but compare with the foreign dress exhibition that has nearly hundred years phylogeny, doing the difference with exhibit the respect such as level of fixed position of main body, exhibition, service and exhibition detail to exist certain. The difference that the article shows with respect to dress of China and foreign countries has trade off study.
Dress of China and foreign countries exhibits difference to compare
Do exhibit main body difference. Home takes the construction of constituent main body that holds fair, have bright Chinese distinguishing feature. Basically have 3 large principal part at present: Governmental orgnaization, guild, major shows a company. Among them major dress exhibition is by the government of industrial group the orgnaization is sponsorred, local guild undertakes, professional exhibition company, ad firm assist do. This kind of special origanization construction also decided the governmental action character of exhibition, but driving region economy to develop a respect to still have more active sense. If held more than 10 China already successfully (tiger door) international dress Fair and the Chinese sportswear that Zhongshan Sha Xi held 8 successfully install exposition to wait.
Compare with dress exhibition of home, dress exhibition of abroad basically is professional exhibition orgnaization is sponsorred. If ASAP United States pulls Siweijiasi,international spin dress accepts the order exhibit sponsor what just be American NASDQ to appear on the market company; Of exposition of dress of dress of American MAGIC international sponsor square ADVANSTAR company, it is global commercial news publication meeting exhibits a company, 5 congress of complete beauty exhibit one of companies, have 79 kinds to commerce is exhibited and be exhibited meeting. What the origanization construction of this kind of exhibition decided to exhibit is professional with trade sex.
Show the difference on fixed position. With international famous exhibition is compared, domestic dress exhibits the location that shows ” with image of “ dress brand to give priority to. This kind of fixed position makes easily exhibit can become join those who exhibit company actual strength to go all out than, deviate join the primary purpose that exhibit. The enterprise is built large or super- large install especially exhibit, cost is high, investment is large, but direct order form is less however. How to heighten the actual effect of the exhibition, those who dig an exhibition is new sell a site, become the issue that at present course of study of Chinese dress exhibition is worth to think most. Famous dress exhibition of abroad is done weller in this respect.
Like Paris fabrics of the first vision exhibits PV, its cent reachs Qiu Dong for Chun Xia two, for Chun Xia fabrics will be exhibited in Feburary, for Qiu Dong fabrics will be exhibited in September, be authority has most on the world, the most excellent fabrics is exhibited. PV exhibits faced Mai Jiafei constant accurate, one kind is stylist, still one is plant is fabrics business. Stylist basically is to look international is at present genteel a what new-style fabrics, have what new supplier, undertake purchasing moving model; And fabrics business basically goes collect market information, seek cooperation.
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