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International yarn exhibits bear to perfect industrial catenary important task
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Sponsor by association of Chinese textile industry, chinese trade closes to branch of meeting spin industry, Frankfurt is exhibited (Hong Kong) the yarn of spin of the 5th China International that center of information of spin of guild of spin of cotton of limited company, China, China undertakes jointly exhibition, will come 29 days to be held in trade centre of Beijing China International on March 27.
Current exhibit 72 yarn that can draw 6 countries and district in all, fiber kind ginseng exhibit business to attend. In addition, one of window that this yarn exhibits are, as Chinese spin the industry is produced burgeoningly and Shandong of exit base —— will organize provincial outstanding yarn company, appear with collective of conglomerate form form.
Exhibit during the meeting, chinese trade closes to branch of meeting spin industry will knit guild to roll out special zone of product of yarn of ” of “ China famous brand to exhibit with Chinese cotton spinning. At the appointed time, purchase business to see organic meeting the distinctive elegant demeanour of product of yarn of combing of brand of domestic famous cotton spinning downstream.