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Exhibit meeting " does beautiful money ask an audience " specification?
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Xinhua net Shanghai on July 2 report (reporter Wu Yu) nearly two annual meeting exhibit an industry to be below the temptation of the “ cake ” of flourishing, each contention can exhibit resource, contend for grab join the phenomenon that postpones a business to be highlighted quite, often be title of a popular exhibition is contended for to do by much home company, sponsor square sometimes eagerly the demand a low price is attracted ginseng postpone business. Recently, exhibit can appear unexpectedly the phenomenon that “ spends money to ask audience ” , be inspected the meeting of pillar industry, rising sun industry exhibits property, be already immersed in the vicious circle that inside and outside competes? Can the way that “ spends money to ask audience ” go much further after all? With the advertisement of international of Shanghai of the 12nd China that holds recently · pressworks exposition of industry of industry of paper of the · · that pack is exemple, sponsor just asked audience ” respect to think a lot of way in “ beautiful money, a few view of the packing industry that is new development for instance exhibit enterprise delegate to offer free board and lodging; Each district guild audience of renown major of every organization 1 attends the meeting, can obtain a winner to do square 100 yuan of award; Offer short distance vehicle freely to wait for the audience.

As sponsor Fang Zhi one, shanghai contemporary international exhibits limited company controller to think, can exhibit ginseng of company one-sided pursuit to exhibit business and the growth that show an area before, apparently look, this is much bother, exhibit when the river rises the boat goes up too of meeting income nature. If little imagine does not have the mature audience of certain dimensions, the market that many again good item on display also acquires major hard is evaluated and clinch a deal again, exhibit meeting will not long. Adopt “ to spend money to ask the way of audience ” , not be for “ ”“ of the gas that buy a person maintains face ” , however from the way that returns direction to turn round at present to be able to exhibit the industry too eager to be successful that one sees only the immediate advantage, competition that do not have foreword, breed long-term professional audience group, seek ginseng postpones business, sponsor square and the harmonious development of the buyer's market that professional audience place represents.

Trade of the classics outside Shanghai appoint expert Wu Genbao thinks, at present the exhibition of Shanghai is by the exhibition the company is held independently more, commercialize run, this can produce all sorts of trade act, it is logical sales promotion step a little among them, but also hard to avoid can have excessive competition and baleful competition action. He says, showing an industry is competitive industry, need order of ceaseless and normative competition, strengthen an industry to control oneself, whole bodily form of Shanghai exhibition course of study is resembled and meet goodly otherwise exhibit an environment to will be damaged.
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