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Bang jade-like stone: The Olympic Games accomplishs conference kingdom to dream
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He is reforming and opening hind, study abroad France most the person that obtains the conference to run professional master's degree first, he is one breaks through ” of “ SARS line of defence, win the person of profit of 30 million the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor for the enterprise, bang of general manager of national conference center jade-like stone, …… of a person that make the explore way of conference kingdom
Pass through so big glazing, look at far to be about the national conference center of completion, bang jade-like stone pack up screen window gently, planning the economic big food that the Olympic Games brings, happy before you can say Jack Robinson of the heart flew on tip of the brow. The word that uses him says, the confluence that Beijing Olympic Games brought world sports culture not only 2008 returns casting the dream that he realizes ” of “ conference kingdom.
Choice: Change life contrail
1983, just the bang that the university graduates jade-like stone, deserved to walk into through cent red the restaurant of Beijing Great Wall that alls over a capital, gain income of 400 multivariate high monthly pay. In the time with that underdeveloped economy, this tower above is common the job of 78 times salary yields post not only bang jade-like stone family is glad unceasingly, more draw the envy with age person and gasp in admiration. However, obtain this job to feel for him in close friends rejoice when, branch of human affairs of restaurant of the Great Wall after 5 years received bang suddenly however jade-like stone leave one's post application.
Bang jade-like stone tell a reporter, beijing Asia Game applied a success 1988, the relevant form a complete set such as the meal of area of border district of week of Beijing Ya Yun Cun, conference, guesthouse serves an item in succession mount a horse, let him have new pursuit to prospective career. That year, he resolutely abandon 400 multivariate high pay salary, walked into eleventh Asia Game athlete village service center (after the Olympic Games more the name is boreal day group) , assume case prepare to construct 5 continent the job of ministry of meal of international big public house. Bang jade-like stone say frankly, that time choice changed his life contrail.
From 5 stars class 5 continent general manager of big public house arrives 5 continent of hotel of imperial crown holiday in square general manager, get Beijing to all 5 continent big public house and international conference center, reach center of conference of assume leadership country again general manager, bang jade-like stone realized him life and career span again. Especially 2003, beijing hotel industry suffers “ SARS ” to inflict heavy losses on after dropping into freezing point, he guides his sale group to develop regulation to adjust strategy in time according to the market, new market locates and change company operation mechanism, make 2005 5 continent two units realize big public house and center of Beijing international conference annual gain 30 million yuan achievement, the ” of line of block of hotel industry “ of period of the SARS after was being broken through.
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