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See the development of hardware move toward
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Innovate independently, rangyongkang is enraged by the enterprise dye-in-the-wood
On exposition of current China hardware, from imitate start always health hardware product is in stealthily ” of “ suddenly turn hostile. On September 27, the reporter arrives to exhibit a house to turn individually, did not discover “ declines from beginning to end take a picture the caution card of ” .
“ we are new the farmer car of development is placed, attracted numerous traveling trader. Group of ” China flying eagle says when family Wu Shaohua: If “ is in previously, such new product we dare be not taken, we are not afraid of now was risked by copy, this can be not imitated anyhow. The farmer car of this four-wheel drive is about to throw ” batch production.
A nonlocal media reporter that already played exposition report 5 years continuously says, he remembers clearly, last year on Chinese hardware exposition, many enterprises still are in exhibited an important niche to place “ to decline take a picture the caution card of ” . The circumstance had “ this year ” of very big change. Wait for the new material that is a delegate with alloy of magnesium alloy, titanium and cobaltic alloy, can be a delegate with solar energy, wind energy and biology but a batch of contain such as second birth the sources of energy are the new industry of own innovation content, new the product is in always health the force that forms set the prairie ablaze, what nature of ” of “ own innovation becomes exposition of current China hardware is thematic.
Look from countrywide angle: Each district hardware exhibits meeting hair force to chase
Feng Xiaozhi has company of machinery of a drawing in Jiangsu Suzhou, already played Chinese hardware fair 6 years continuously. He says, countrywide each district did to be exhibited similarly now meeting. This year besides always health beyond, he already waited for 10 many cities of countrywide to attend similar hardware to exhibit in Shanghai, Ning Bo, Beijing meeting.
Current, exhibit in countrywide hardware among the meeting, only coronal name of “ international ” exhibit the meeting is more than 6. Resemble initiative the exposition of China International hardware 1952, hand in Trade Association of electric chemical industry to wait by Chinese hardware hold, predecessor is countrywide hardware trade fair, arrived to already held 108 continuously at present, become those who be next to hardware of international of German division grand to exhibit the 2nd big internationally hardware is exhibited meeting. Begin from 2004, exposition of China International hardware is held in two ground of Shanghai, Beijing respectively. Besides, international exhibits meeting tycoon to also begin to contend for grab domestic hardware to exhibit meeting industry cake. Exhibit like hardware of international of German division grand with our country company of a few exhibitions cooperates, hardware is held to exhibit in domestic each district.
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