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Exhibit meeting knowledge: Join the individual that postpone business to pack kn
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As ginseng postpone business, a chief dominant position that good individual is packed is you.
Besides commodity, you oneself also are being exhibited. Your one raise one's hand, cast sufficient, dress dresses up, demeanour bearing can be in short 3 to 5 seconds in leave the first impression to travelling merchant. Where is the person that how can they think you are? Very professional, amiable, complaisant? As dry as a chip still and chill?
Want to leave good impression to the guest, want some to pay attention to truly:
1, amiable
Is the first impression that you give a person “ welcomes to ” or “ scram ” ? Smile and extroversion body language can be communicated friendly with the information that is close to easily. Of course, the smile wants sincerity, the smile that squeezes by force can be done turn over clumsy opportunely. In addition, both hands holds a bosom in the arms or inserting pocket is the pose that does not respect another person, your hand should prepare at any time with person handclasp, invite what visit you toward the guest to exhibit with be being invited effectively.
2, warm hospitality
Visiting business hopes he is welcome. A simple “ takes the new product that will see us please ” is enough let a guest experience enough attention, invite him progress. But many ginseng exhibit company staff member to like to be in however exhibit in with prattle of other work in the same placing, or sit exhibit in gnaw a novel, have a thing even catnap, that as good as says at the travelling merchant to come and go: “ goes away! I am busy! ”
3, professional
Whether does your bearing show enough professional the can character gain the person that call in between language only respect before whether deciding you can be in and admire? Can obtain them to be able to make to your admire dealings of the following business benefits a lot. Besides, you are in exhibit be opposite in the meeting the manner of the person that look around greatly adumbrative you come and go in the business in the future medium manner, show true care to call in the need of travelling merchant can make them confident to in the future collaboration. Do not want to be debased in cold blood to the competitor, walk along progress to each the person should be respected no less, do not want judge people with their appearance, the long-term commerce since such ability development is only companionate.
4, the communication that is not a language
Get the better of truly soundlessly sometimes in exhibition phonic. Many company muddy know well this, agree to showing the investment on word of collocation of design, colour, sales promotion and little gift, these communication that are not a language leave deep impression effectively to the person that look around, good budget has needed really before because this is in,the exhibition begins the expenditure of these respects. And join the integral form that extends personnel and bearing to also should be mixed with company image exhibit decorate be in harmony to be an organic whole, just think, an exterior flatly, extremely incongruous is exhibited how can attract visiting traveling trader again, make them have hope to this company?
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